Ask a Juggalo: Have Juggalos ever been involved in raising funds for charity?

Q: Have Juggalos ever been involved in raising funds for charity?

A: Oh yeah, by all means. Way back. The clowns have always been really good about giving. ICP has always had different collections and giving a certain amount of soup, a canned item, to food drives. They've always had all kinds of different events and concerts and freebies. Free merchandise and mittens. Like what they have going on right now: It's a beautiful thing. They have a very special day named Juggalo Day, and it's excellent. And usually it's got some kind of twist that's gonna benefit some sort of charity or somebody that needs help. It's free admittance to the concert and a free show by them. It's coming up the end of this month, and they ask that you bring at least a can of food. That's their way of giving back. They've done all kinds of things over the years. Feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving, just showing up in a U-Haul truck full of turkeys and whatnot, and giving to different charities and homeless centers. It's a beautiful thing. And as far as Juggalos, for example: Not too long ago, a couple months back, a Juggalo really fell ill and this particular Juggalo, his only wish was to meet one of the artists on Psychopathic, so of course a couple of the artists possed up and visited this cat and when he passed away, they decided to have a concert and gave 100 percent of the door to his family. And then other Juggalos started raising funds and collecting monies and whatnot, especially via the Internet. So, yeah, Juggalos all over the place are doing the right thing.

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