A split in the seam*

Fashion designers Fotoula Lambros and Emily Thornhill were a rising star team; now they're staking claims in Detroit with independently awesome aesthetics

Recall this Metro Times cover? Yeah, it's still haute shit. 

Inside those pages, we gawked at the work from Detroit's Femilia Couture. When it came to ready-to-wear fashions, the Femilia label was undoubtedly the freshest thing on the city scene. And the women behind the label, Emily Thornhill and Fotoula Lambros, were an inseparable two-woman team of fresh-faced designers. 

Amazing what a couple of years can do.

Last December, seemingly out of nowhere, the women announced that Femilia Couture was no more and that in the coming months we should expect new work from Fotoula and Emily — as solo designers. 

Inevitably, there comes a time when a working artist needs to produce work that is singularly hers.

Somewhere along the line, a hem came loose. The fabric frayed. 

What happened? That's neither here nor there. The fashion industry is cutthroat. One day you're in and the next ... well, let's just say shit doth happen, hombre. 

The ladies kept their word. And over the course of the last few months they've each started showing us what it is they're capable of on their own, via Fotoula Lambros Design, and Thornhill's new organic line Homeslice. 

Let's get to know these women on their own terms. Then we'll let the clothes speak for themselves.

The original Web version of this article and the version in the Sept. 27 issue of Metro Times attributed pictures of Fotoula Lambros Design clothing as Emily Thornhill's Homeslice and vice versa. The pictures are now correct.



MT talks to Emily Thornhill of Homeslice

MT talks to Fotoula Lambros of Fotoula Lambros Design






Special thank yous:

Photographer Dan Lippitt, danlippittphoto.com. 

Models: Wearing Fotoula Lambros Design, Briana (stylist: Anna Goldstone; accessories: Sole Sisters)

Wearing Emily Thornhill's Homeslice, Asia

Hair & Makeup - Curl Up & Dye Salon, curlupanddyedetroit.com

Hair & Makeup for Asia, Myranda Jennings 

Hair for Briana, Logan Weathers, makeup Myranda Jennings

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