Apr 11, 2001 at 12:00 am
As if McSweeney’s editorial content weren’t funny enough on its own, as if David Eggers would actually have to market his satire-heavy quarterly, as if Eggers isn’t smart enough to realize he’s accomplishing both at the same time. Read the compiled stories: "Readers’ Interesting Experiences while Buying Reading or Traveling With the Print Version." I have two stories of my own, although they’re possibly not as scathingly humorous as the published entries. One: Last year I ordered a copy of issue No. 4, months in advance, to be sent to my friend for her birthday. It didn’t arrive. I repeatedly asked McSweeney’s about the shipment and received irritating yet funny e-mail replies stating "something’s going on" and they would attend to my order "as soon as it is all cleared up." But they did have time to charge my credit card. Funny. Even their order information jokes about the faulty shipping system. And two: I wrote a letter to McSweeney’s; it was a rant I later hoped they would not print, but did. In the past year, I have received several comments from anonymous friends who tease me. Letter-writers often argue back and forth, and customers also argue about issues in line at the grocery store and then write a story about it for fellow readers to read and then write about. Often, McSweeney’s stories are McSweeney’s readers’ stories about McSweeney’s. And it’s selling. Eggers is a genius. Check out the newest letter at www.mcsweeneys.net. What grabs your attention? E-mail [email protected]