Would You Buy a Pair of Poopy Diapers? If They're From Kim and Kanye's Baby, Detroit's Les Gold Says He Might

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Viewers of the made-in-Detroit hit truTV series Hardcore Pawn know that American Jewelry and Loan patriarch Les Gold has been known at times to buy a load of crap. But in a startling admission, Gold says he could be persuaded to purchase an actual load of feces – if it came encased in a celebrity diaper from the baby daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

In an on-the-street interview posted this week on the TMZ website, Gold, flanked by his pawnshop partners and series co-stars Seth Gold and Ashley Gold Broad, responds to an interviewer's question (when will TMZ hire better interviewers?) about the most expensive item he's ever purchased (an Elizabeth Taylor brooch at more than $100,000), and the strangest. "There's nothing too strange that people don't try to pawn or sell," Les responds.

Then comes the customary TMZ ambush question: Would you buy the first soiled diaper from Kim and Kanye's nursery?

"Would you?" Ashley asks, mildly horrified. But Les takes a more entrepreneurial view.

"Now wait, if it's got value, if there's resale, I'm buying it," he says. I don't care what they [Ashley and Seth] say. Listen, I buy poop all the time. It wouldn't be the first time."

"No limits," Seth concludes, looking toward his father incredulously. "No muzzle."

Here's the video, from the TMZ site. The good stuff begins at around the 1:21 mark. And, as often is the case, Ashley's facial expressions are priceless.



In other Hardcore Pawn news, Les will be signing copies of his new book, For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom From a Pawnbroker, beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday (June 22) in a tent outside American Jewelry and Loan, 20450 Greenfield Road at 8 Mile. The $35 ticket includes an autographed copy of the book, a signed 8x10 photo of Les, a $20 in-store credit, light snacks and a meet-and-greet with Ashley, Seth and Les.

Metro Times media writer Jim McFarlin provides weekly Hardcore Pawn episode recaps, including his Top 5 Customer Ejections of the Season, on his TV blog, Big Glowing Box.

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