White Borneo Kratom: A Natural Mood Booster

As someone who may be new to kratom, it would be very understandable if you weren’t sure which strain you should choose right off the bat. There are so many choices, each with subtly different effects than the next. How are you supposed to know which is the right one for you?

Out of all the well-known strains of kratom out there White Borneo stands out. This strain is praised for providing stimulation, a boost of mental clarity, relief from pain, and can even help you feel stress-free at higher doses. Many white strains of kratom contain these properties, but White Borneo kratom seems to take things a step further, offering a wider spectrum of benefits, depending on the amount you consume. If any of these benefits sound like they could do you some good, then choosing the White Borneo strain of kratom could be a great decision on your part.

Starlight Kratom: Power of Raw Leaf Supplements

When you think of herbal supplements, often a company will sell you a component element or chemical. However, Kratom is special in that the whole leaf should be ingested for the full spectrum of benefits. Starlight Kratom specializes, as the name implies, in whole leaf powders. They process via hand milling in their own facility all their freshly imported Kratom leaves. After each batch is milled the powder is quickly divided and packaged via heat sealing. This ensures a quality product each time.

The use third-party labs to test the potency and consistency of each strain. This way you can trust the product you are getting is the one you wanted. Starlight also sells the same hand-crafted powders in capsule form. This is great for those who don’t want to deal with whole powders but still want to get the benefit of the whole leaf. Visit today

Kats Botanicals: Premium Quality Supplements

If you are still unsure about Kratom and are looking for variety and maybe a little more education on the products, Kats Botanicals is an excellent place to start. They not only help inform you on the strains they also strive for complete transparency in the manufacturing process in every part of the distribution of the products. They take it a step further by selling starter kits and sample packs for people who aren’t as familiar with Kratom or its effects.

Kats Botanicals
sources only ethically harvested Kratom leaves that are from mature plants with excellent potency. With third-party lab testing to back up all their packaged products, Kats Botanicals fully believes in everything they sell. Kats Botanicals sells a lot. They are the modern definition of the apothecary.

The Benefits of Choosing White Borneo Kratom

Just like with other strains of kratom, White Borneo has some unique benefits that seem to set it apart from the crowd, while it also shares some properties of other popular kratom strains. In fact, White Borneo in particular seems to strike a balance between the benefits of red kratom strains as well as white strains.

Here are some of the benefits most reported by people who often take White Borneo kratom.

• A boost of energy: People looking for the stimulating effects of kratom will not be left behind if they choose to try White Borneo. At lower doses, White Borneo can be an excellent alternative to coffee, providing you with the same boost and stimulation without having to keep a piping hot coffee mug nearby.

• Relaxation and sedation: While stimulating at lower doses, White Borneo can be quite relaxing and sedating at higher doses. If you are insomniac or generally have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, you could find some help from the White Borneo strain of kratom.

• A natural mood lifter: White Borneo, like many other strains of kratom, is known for bringing about a sense of well-being, euphoria, and general happiness among the folks who regularly take it. This can make it a good option to consider for people who have to cope with depression or anxiety disorders.

• Finding pain relief: Sharing properties with many Red variants of kratom, people with chronic pains may find a good sense of relief with White Borneo. It has been known to help soothe mild to more moderate pains, whether they’re chronic pains linked to arthritis or a case of inflammation.

• A little bit of focus: Looking to achieve a bit of mental clarity so you can focus on a long and intensive task? White Borneo kratom is known to provide a mental sharpness that allows you to focus and be more productive for the task at hand, instead of feeling jittery and nervous like you might after several mugs of coffee.

From pain relief to finding focus and even helping you find some well-deserved rest, White Borneo is one strain of kratom that should not be discounted when you are doing your research into different strains.

What’s the Recommended Dosage for White Borneo Kratom?

Just like with every other strain of kratom, the affects you enjoy will be mostly dependent on how much of a dose you are up to. If you are a complete first timer to kratom, you should stick to a lower quantity for your first try if going with White Borneo, as it can be a little more potent than other kratom strains.

For a newbie, a good first dosage recommendation would be between one to two grams of kratom. If you have some experience with other kratom strains, then a good first dose for trying White Borneo would probably be about three grams just to see how it affects you. As your tolerance goes up, you can slowly increase your dosage to about six grams, but you’ll have to push that a little further if you’re seeking the pain relieving and sedating properties of this kratom strain.
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