Top Snapchat Pornstars and Influencers: Best Sexy Snapchat Accounts to Follow

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Snapchat's guidelines ban explicit sexual content. However, you'd never believe this if you spent some time on the app.

The most recent trend on Snapchat has been Snapchat Pornstar accounts. Pornstar Snapchat is thriving, and you can find some of the hottest pornstars in the porn industry on here. These famous porn stars sell access to their premium Snapchat accounts, where they perform shows and share pictures/videos with paying subscribers.

Some even share adult content for free.

If you’re tired of browsing porn sites looking and longing after your favorite pornstars, here’s a chance to change that dynamic. Let's jump right into the top Snapchat porn accounts you need to check out and follow for a chance to interact with some of the best pornstars out there.

Popular Pornstars to Follow on Snapchat


Best For


Best good girl gone bad

Ines Helene

Best brunette bombshell

Texas Thicc

Best blonde pornstar

Alice Wubba

Best cosplayer

Stormi Maya

Best afro chick


Bailey Bae is your typical good girl gone bad. She started her porn career after quitting her babysitting job in 2018. She's starred in many porn videos for various top porn sites and is one of the best in the porn industry. Her Snapchat nude photos catapulted her career and made her an even bigger star.

Bailey Bae enjoys sending dirty snaps and chatting with her subscribers. Her main aim is to please, and with her petite figure, she simply has some of the best nude Snapchat content you'll ever find.

Ines Helene

If you’re looking for a spicy brunette, Ines Helene is worth checking out. Her Instagram alone boasts over 1.4 million followers. If you’re looking to spice it up, Ines is the girl for you.

From her OnlyFans account, you can purchase a subscription to her content or download packs of 140 images. You can also chat with her 1:1 for a more personalized experience.

Texas Thicc

Forest, as she typically goes by Texas Thicc, really delivers. She’s a blond but has the body you wouldn’t expect on a blue-eyed babe. The best part is you can get to know her via chat right from her OnlyFans.

Jump on Snapchat and download her profile immediately.

Sebine Bogaards

If tall, blond, and hot are your preference, you need to check out Sebine Bogaards. This 5' 9" blond pornstar has green eyes and speaks 4 languages. You can communicate with her in Dutch, English, German and Italian.

This blond bombshell has the body of a goddess and posts daily content, some of which you can view for free. However, if you want the extra sexy snaps, you'll have to pay up.

Madison Moore

Madison Moore is a hot American bisexual pornstar that can make all your wildest dream come true. A lover of the camera and the audience, every day will be a good day if you follow her. Don't be fooled by her cute face, and she’ll get as naughty and do what you want.

Madison shares some free content in her Snapchat Stories and has some exclusive content that you need to pay to unlock. A subscription is well worth it as you'll receive daily snaps of photos and videos, tons of dirty talk, and everything imaginable to blow your socks off.

Alice Wubba

Alice Wubba is a popular webcam model and one of the best adult Snapchat cosplayers you can find. If she can make Velma from Scooby-Doo look like the girl of your dreams, there isn't much else she can't do.

Follow her if you have a particular fantasy, and you just might see her dressed up as your favorite character. She posts daily porn Snapchats and is open to your re-creating fantasies. You can discuss custom pics and videos using Snapchat/Fancentro.

Stormi Maya

Can you handle the Storm? Stormi Maya describes herself as "the hottest Afro chick alive." and by all means, she is. Stormi made a name for herself by using her body, and now she is a vocalist and producer, a film director and producer, and a SAG actress.

Despite her success in these other areas, she still has the time to make your day by posting naughty snaps and videos on Snapchat to get you all hot and bothered.

Mandy Michelle

Mandy Michelle is a walking, talking blond bombshell with looks that will get your blood pressure up. This glamour model is stunning, and her striking appearance is quite a sight to the eyes.

Mandy’s content never disappoints if you have latex, nylon, femdom, findom, or feet fetish. She also loves to excite her followers by performing stripteases, going topless, fully nude, or using toys. Waste no time is adding her on Snapchat and adding some excitement to your day.

Cherry Box

Talk about the devil in disguise., Cherry Bonnx has the face of an angel but is as naughty as they come. The innocent look is all part of her game to lure you in with her big green eyes and then take over your mind with her explicit content.

She is among the top 1.3% of OnlyFans creators and on FanCentro, so you should add her on Snapchat to get a look at some of her exclusive content.

Dutch RedHead

As the name suggests, Dutch RedHead is as spicy as they come. Her red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin can keep you warm on a cold winter's day. This sexy sizzling siren shares daily content, including naughty snaps that aren’t shareable elsewhere.

She also shares snaps from her entertainment business featuring gogo dancers, pole dancers, etc., as well as workout videos.

Amane Misa

Forget everything you ever know, heard, or thought about the snow queen. Amane Misa will not leave you feeling cold in any way. She is an amateur porn model with blond hair, blue eyes, and a few tattoos that closely gives off snow queen vibes but in a hot and sexy manner.

This Russian babe specializes in kinks and fetishes, and her content will leave you hot and gasping for breath. For free, you can have an in-depth look at her day-to-day life, but a subscription unlocks the door to all her naughty content.

Sam Hickelspoon

Sam is a petite natural beauty. This tiny brunette is a top earner with over 339k views. You can dive into her everyday routine or see her more scandalous side by signing up for her content.

You can expect to find high-quality images, some even gifted to you for free.

Daisy Dray

Daisy Dray is a Latino bombshell. Her Instagram alone had hundreds of thousands of followers. She is known for having a large butt and a tiny waist.

The best part about adding Daisy Dray on Onlyfans is that her content is free to access. You have nothing to lose. Give her a follow.

Bella Bumzy

Bella is your typical all-natural American beauty. She kind of gives off babysitter vibes but in the best way possible. This 18-year-old redhead is new on the scene and eager to take you on her adventure.

If you’re looking for more than just a pretty face, Bella checks the box.

Lucy Goyette

With her handle, “Lucy is loud,” you can infer the type of content you’ll find on her page. Lucy is in the top 1% of OnlyFans creators for a good reason. She puts out top-of-the-line content at an affordable price.

Lucy is your girl if you’re looking for loud shows with lots of props.


Zayla’s claim to fame is her stepmom's content. If this is up to your alley, slide on into her content. She’s a petite babe that knows how to work a camera. Get ready for a wild ride.

Zayla’s OnlyFans is having a sale now, and you could save 75% on her content if you sign up for 30 days.

Jessica Nigri

Calling all cosplay and anime nerds. This is the girl for you! Jessica created a name for herself by building elaborate costumes with a sexy twist. If you want to make your Comicon dreams come true, you need this content.

Guide to Snapchat Pornstars Account

Here are some helpful tips if you aren't sure how to start messaging your favorite porn stars on Snap.

Adding porn stars

Download Snapchat if you haven't already. Once completed and you're signed up, go to the "Add Friend" page and search for the pornstar Snapchat usernames that you'd like to follow. Once you find the porn star using their Snapchat username, press the add friend with a + sign to add the performer. Some pornstars may have an approval process, so you'll be required to wait for a brief period before you're added.

After being approved, you will see free content such as naughty photos and short clips of videos in Stories that are only up for a limited time. Other than that, you can subscribe to unlock exclusive premium content for a price set by each porn star.

How to interact with Snapchat pornstars

The best thing about Snapchat is that it is private, which makes you practically anonymous, meaning that you don't have to constantly worry about who may find out what you're up to as you leave no trail behind.

Snapchat has changed the porn business, and these XXX performers are taking advantage of it. Why settle for watching your favorite pornstar on a porn site where you cannot interact with her. Some of these XXX performers on Snapchat not only give you a chance to view their naughty photos and videos but also offer to interact with you for a price.

They may even accept nudes of you and rate them. Many of these adult film stars will chat with you, trade pics, and even create customized video content if you pay up.

Sending nudes to your favorite pornstars

If the pornstar you're following has accepted your request and agreed to have you send your nudes, it is essential to read any notes she has regarding this. If you fail to follow her rules, you can get blocked.

No matter how excited you get, try not to send nudes as soon as you get approved. Take some time and get familiar with the pornstars by checking out their profiles and viewing them with free content. Your best bet to start flirting first is to establish a good rapport.

After you've been chatting a while with some degree of flirting and foreplay, then you can ask to send or trade nudes and wait for her response. Start with an excellent introduction and even a fully clothed picture to build the tension.

Teasing your favorite star can lead to extra benefits for you in some instances. Building tension can get the pornstar excited to see what you look like unclothed, leading to an even hotter and naughtier interaction.

How to have the best experience with pornstars on Snapchat

Remember that these performers are people too, so being nice goes a long way. Charming and funny also have their appeal. Snapchat makes it easy to be goofy and funny with its funny filters and other cool features. Just have fun and respect the ladies at all times.

Treat your favorite naughty Snap star like your virtual girlfriend. After subscribing and chatting for a while, you can let them know you're thinking of them or send a funny message, etc. Once you've established a good relationship, she'd be open to your sexts and make your overall experience a good one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does premium Snapchat work?

Not every porn star is eager to talk to random strangers on the Internet since some of them require some type of financial commitment. Many of these performers charge a premium subscription rate which usually indicates lots of content to share.

You can sign up and pay for a monthly, heavily discounted yearly, or half a year subscription. Becoming a subscriber not only unlocks premium photo and video content but also gives you access to added perks like one-on-one chat, Cam 2 Cam sessions, custom requests, live shows, etc.

How discreet is Snapchat?

Snapchat is as discreet as it gets. It is similar to the discreet dating site, Ashley Madison, which has a vanishing mode to send and receive whatever you want without leaving a trace. Snapchat works similarly, and photos and videos disappear after a few seconds.

What to do if your favorite porn star isn't answering you?

Patience is the name of the game when trying to get the attention of your favorite nude model on Snapchat. These women spend most of their time performing and have a life away from the camera.

Most times, they will answer messages in the order they’re received. However, as we mentioned before, being friendly, funny, and charming can help you build a good relationship and even prioritize your communication. Another sure way to make sure you're on the top of the list is to tip well.

How to establish a good relationship with your favorite XXX performer on Snapchat?

One sure way to get noticed is to follow them on their social media accounts. Being friendly, respectable, and tipping well can help these models remember your name/handle. Many of them will chat with you on Snapchat and may even invite you to follow them on OnlyFans and other platforms for naughtier and longer live shows.

How to find your perfect dirty Snapchat friend?

Start by figuring out yourself. Make a note of the type of porn you watch and the type of women you respond to the most. Follow your favorite performers on social media and try to see if any of their contact information, Fanclub information, or Snap info is listed.

Recognize your kink and fetishes and if you have a particular fantasy in mind, type the keyword in the hashtag search. If the model shares the same fantasy as you, you can add her to view any free content or pay to view exclusive content. If you subscribe, she may be open to re-creating your fantasy as well.


It is almost impossible to choose just one great Snapchat pornstar. They all excel in different areas and have unique talents. Some have been seasoned professionals in the adult industry for years, while others are just getting started.

Snapchat porn is on the rise and does not seem like it will slow down anytime soon. It is discreet and safe but intense, and it is why you should add the pornstars on Snapchat and discover what they can do for you at the right price.

You shouldn’t worry about the prices being too high. Some newer XXX performers charge very little to unlock exclusive content and chat. On the other hand, the top pornstars may have higher prices, but they aren't anything over the top.

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