Phone Psychic Readings: Best Psychics Over the Phone in 2022

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The opportunity to look into the future or get sound advice has always been extremely appealing, which is why psychic mediums have always been in high demand. Compared to traditional psychic reading, psychic readings by phone have a number of advantages. They are more affordable, more private, and allow you to do your research before paying money for psychic reading online — for example, by studying reviews and testimonials.

Phone psychic reading is probably the most popular type of online psychic readings. The ability to talk to a psychic reader over the phone creates a much more personable experience than doing it via chat or via email correspondence. And there is certainly no shortage of online psychic reading services that provide phone consultations. Here are the top 5 online psychic reading websites we have personally tried and tested, plus a detailed guide on how to get the most out of spiritual readings.

Best Online Psychic Websites for Cheap Readings in 2022

  • Kasamba — Best for love and relationship reading.

  • Keen — Best for spiritual guidance and life path advice.

  • California Psychics — Best for life path readings and guidance.

  • Nebula — Best for astrology and dream interpretation.

  • AskNow — Best for tarot readings and life path advice.

Now let's take a closer look at the 5 best online psychic reading platforms you can find today.


  • Founded: 1999

  • Psychics online: 70+

  • Customers: 120,000

  • Visitors (monthly): 538,000

Kasamba, launched over two decades ago, is known for providing some of the best psychic readings by phone. However, its services definitely don't stop there, as the site offers a wide range of psychic readings online via phone, live chat, and even email. Now let's see what else this psychic source has in store for its users.

Pricing and discounts

Kasamba has cheap psychics, expensive psychics, and everyone in between. Phone psychic reading here works on a per-minute basis, and the fee per minute ranges from under $2 to $25 and even more. The price is calculated according to the psychic's experience on the platform, customer reviews, and some other factors.

Special offers

There are two special offers available to all new customers seeking love readings on Kasamba. The first one is the free 3 minutes with any psychic you prefer. The other one is 15% off your first paid session, which allows you to save up to $50 in total.

Customer experience

You need to be a member of Kasamba to make use of your 3 free minutes of readings by phone. You can do it by filling out a short registration form or use your Apple or Google account to log into the site. Once you're a member, simply browse the available psychics, check out their reviews, and claim your first psychic reading with free minutes.

Overall, Kasamba is a pretty convenient place to talk to a psychic online or over the phone. It has a user-friendly design, with the main site menu being located on top of the page. Here you can find all the available types of love readings and more. Some of the spiritual readings you can get there include fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology, rune casting, crystal readings, aura readings, and pet psychic readings.

Having been in the online psychic reading business for so many years, Kasamba has hundreds of reviews on the popular review site Trustpilot. It has an impressive rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most users are happy with the service of the Kasamba psychic advisors, although some complaints about individual online psychic readers are pretty much inevitable.


  • Special offers for new members

Kasamba may not be exactly known for cheap psychic readings online, but at least you can find out with your free minutes if you should spend your money before you actually have to do it.

  • Very detailed psychic profiles

From a typical psychic profile, you can find out everything you may want to know about the psychic before you decide to commit to a telephone psychic reading. There is a description of what the psychic can do, a list of their qualifications, their rates, and customer reviews.

  • Lots of free content

While you are waiting for a psychic who is currently busy or simply browsing around Kasamba, you can always check out the countless free articles this site regularly publishes for its visitors.


  • No live support

Kasamba does have a customer support system, but it's only available via email or site tickets, meaning you won't always get a quick answer like you would do with live chat support.


  • Founded: 1999
  • Psychics online: 200+
  • Customers: 1,000,000
  • Visitors (monthly): 1.6 million

Launched over 2 decades ago, has been providing psychic services to a steadily growing number of loyal users. Besides psychic readings by phone, it also delivers services via live chat, so you can switch between the most convenient channels in any situation.

Pricing and discounts

Whether you go for a text chat or phone psychic reading, you are going to pay for your session by the minute. Each psychic on this site has a different rate that is calculated based on experience, customer reviews, and other factors, so you shouldn't expect experienced psychics for a couple of cents per minute. Generally, the prices on Keen range from $1.99 to $9.99+ per minute.

Special offers

Each new Keen user can take advantage of a special offer — free first 3 minutes with any psychic. Moreover, many online psychic readings have individual incentives and bonuses, so make sure to carefully read their bios to see if there is some special offer there.

Customer experience

To start a conversation with Keen psychics online or use your 3 minutes of free psychic reading online, you will first need to create your account or sign in using your Google or Apple accounts. After that, just pick the psychic reader who matches your needs by using the filters on top of the page to get the most accurate tarot readings online by phone or chat.

Keen has a robust system of filters that allows you to get the best phone psychic reading for your situation. You can choose psychics based on their psychic abilities (tarot, medium, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc) and their specialties (love & relationship readings, work & career, destiny & love path, deceased loved ones, and more).

Because has been present in the fortune telling industry for over 20 years, it understandably has a pretty big number of reviews, including on the acclaimed review platforms Sitejabber and Trustpilot. It's rated 3/5 and 4/5 respectively on these platforms, with users praising good customer service but sometimes complaining about individual psychics.


  • Free psychic readings

With 3 minutes to get psychic readings, you may not find the answer to every question you have, but you will definitely be able to decide whether you want to continue.

  • Experienced psychics

Many of the best online psychics on have worked for the site for over 10 years — there is even a filter that allows you to see all senior-level readers.

  • Good customer support

Customer support is definitely one of the strong suits of you can contact the support team via phone or site form, and there is a user satisfaction guarantee in place.


  • Complicated pricing system

Each psychic on Keen charges their own rate per minute, and it's hard to predict how much a session is going to cost you because the factors that influence the price aren't always clear.

California Psychics

  • Founded: 1995
  • Psychics online: 50+
  • Customers: 300,000
  • Visitors (monthly): 2.1 million

California Psychics is one of the oldest psychic & phone tarot card reading platforms, although its services are certainly not limited by phone readings alone. In addition to phone readings, CaliforniaPsychics also provides readings via chat, so that can be very convenient when you are not in the mood for talking out loud.

Pricing and discounts

California Psychics charges its customers on a per-minute rate, but the rate per minute can vary greatly from one reader to another. The lowest price you can find is $4, and some psychics charge $13 and more per minute. There is also an offer called Karma Rewards, where you earn bonuses for every purchase made and get additional freebies such as a birth chart and birthday gifts.

Special offers

Unlike many sites providing telephone psychic readings, California Psychics does not provide any free psychic readings, even for 3 or 5 minutes. Instead, you can enjoy a trial psychic reading for $1, 3, or 5 per minute, depending on how experienced the psychic is.

Customer experience

To use your one-time special offer on CaliforniaPsychics, you will need to sign up for the site or sign in using your Facebook account. You can jump straight to choosing the best reader for your situation, review the profiles of other psychics, or browse the free content that is available on California Psychics and includes horoscopes and blog posts on every spiritual topic imaginable.

Tarot card readings are, perhaps, the most popular type of service provided by CaliforniaPsychics, but there is much more you can do here than tarot reading. There are also mediums, clairvoyants, dream analysis specialists, numerologists, astrology readings providers, and more. Psychics can specialize in life path, love, career and money, pets, past life readings, and even missing persons.

California has a 3/5 rating on a popular review platform — Trustpilot. Negative customer reviews mostly concern individual reading experiences that left the user unsatisfied, while positive reviews typically point out the overall level of service and customer support. Many users reported getting some paid time back after contacting customer support, and that is definitely a big advantage.


  • Special prices for first-time customers

It can be difficult to commit to full-price psychic readings without knowing what the readers have to offer. This is why you can enjoy cheap psychic readings with special prices for new users.

  • Availability of mobile apps

California Psychics has a free mobile app available both for iOS and Android, where you can find the same features as you do on the desktop version, and you will be able to make calls through it as well.

  • Rigorous psychic selection process

When you are about to schedule a psychic phone call with one of the members of California Psychics, you can rest assured there are not going to be any random people there, as all psychics go through a complex selection and regular reevaluation.


  • 20-minute minimum first reading

To take advantage of that special first-time price, which starts at $1 per minute, you need to book at least a 20-minute call. So your first session will cost a minimum of $20, or $60/$100, depending on the rate you go for.


  • Founded: 2019
  • Psychics online: 50+
  • Customers: 70,000
  • Visitors (monthly): 156,000

Nebula is one of the newest and best online psychic services that is, however, an unusual choice for our list because it doesn't actually provide readings by phone. It only allows you to talk to a psychic advisor via live chat, but it has already gained substantial popularity for its accurate psychics and great usability.

Pricing and discounts

Nebula provides psychic readings online on a per-minute basis. It means that you will be charged for every minute spent talking to a psychic. The site charges you in credits, so you'll need to have some credits in your account before you proceed to the chat readings. There are different credit packages and auto-renewal plans available. You can also opt for a lifetime subscription offer that costs $119.99.

Special offers

Like many online psychic reading services, Nebula has a free trial version available to all new customers. After signing up, you will get 3 minutes to chat with any expert for free. To be precise, you will get 100 bonus credits gifted to your account, which is exactly how much 3 minutes of various love readings is going to cost you on this site.

Customer experience

To access online psychics on Nebula, you need to first create an account on the site. You can do it the traditional way — by filling out a registration form, or by logging into the site using your Google account. You will also need to provide your birth date, which will be used to generate your horoscope.

Once you're a member, you can explore the site and its available psychic readers. To find the right psychic reader, you can use the filters on top of the page. You can take advantage of your free psychic reading offer by simply choosing a psychic and beginning the chat. When you run out of free credits, make sure you have extra credits in your account, otherwise — the chat will cut off.

Nebula hasn't been around for as long as some other psychic medium websites, so it hasn't accumulated as many online reviews. However, the ones we found are generally happy with the services that the site provides and with the accuracy of the astrology & tarot reading you can get on Nebula.


  • Free psychic readings

While 3 free minutes may not seem like a lot, they allow you to get a taste of the service and decide whether you want to pay your own money for it.

  • Wide range of services

Nebula is known for its tarot readings and horoscopes, but it can do much more than that, from clairvoyance and shamanic healings to mediumship and naturopathy.

  • Clear pricing system

The rates on Nebula are as clear as day: once you run out of the 100 free credits, you will pay 30 credits per minute for any online chat readings, with no complicated calculations.


  • Relatively few psychics

Compared to sites with hundreds of available psychics, Nebula doesn't have as many: you will typically find around 50 psychics online there. On the other hand, it makes the choice of the right psychic easier for you.


  • Founded: 2005
  • Psychics online: 40+
  • Customers: 210,000
  • Visitors (monthly): 504,000

AskNow is a rightful contender for the title of the best psychic hotline. It's one of the leading psychic reading sites that provides its services over the phone or via a live chat. Because not all psychic advisors are available 24/7, there is a convenient callback feature and also an individual weekly schedule for each of the gifted psychics that work here.

Pricing and discounts

On AskNow, you will pay for phone and chat psychic readings by the minute. The psychics on this site are divided by level: top-rated advisors charge from $4.99 per minute, elite ones cost $10 per minute and up to talk to, and one minute of talking to one of the master advisors will cost you from $13 per minute.

Special offers

As a one-time special offer, you can get 20 or 30 minutes of readings by a top-rated advisor for just $1 per minute. This offer also includes 5 free bonus minutes with an elite or master advisor, so you can get even more complete and accurate psychic readings.

Customer experience

If you want to take advantage of your one-time special offer, you need to create an account first, unless you want to get a phone reading. In that case, you can simply call the AskNow number and talk to an advisor without any delays. After your talk, you can sign up to the site using your phone number and manage your calls online.

Generally, we found the interface of AskNow to be very user-friendly and modern. Most of the site features you need can be found in the top menu. Here you can find out more about the psychics, as well the available services, which include tarot cards, astrology and numerology readings, dream analysis, and spiritual guides.

AskNow is present on both popular review platforms, Sitejabber and Trustpilot, with a 2/5 rating on both. Some negative reviews touch upon unsuccessful individual reading experiences and misunderstandings about prices, while positive reviews frequently point out the affordable psychic readings and helpful customer support.


  • Special price for new users

You can take the talented psychic readers of AskNow for a test ride with the choice of 20 or 30 minutes for just $1 each, plus the free 5 minutes to talk to the top-tier psychics.

  • Highly detailed profiles

This psychic reading platform discloses more information about its advisors than many of its competitors. You can find out what the psychic specializes in, how long they've been providing phone reading services in general and on AskNow, and see all the latest ratings they received from their customers.

  • Great user experience

It looks like AskNow genuinely cares about their members having a positive experience. There is even a special video section with tips on how to get the best first psychic reading. There's also an in-depth FAQ section, as well as customer support available via email and phone.


  • Only iOS app available

Right now, there is only one AskNow app available, and it's for iOS devices. Given that there are over 2.5 billion Android users around the world, the lack of an Android app seems like an oversight.

How Do Phone Psychic Readings Work?

Psychic phone readings typically work the same across different online psychic reading sites when it comes to the big picture, but the small details may differ from one site to another. If you start the session by calling the site's phone number, you will need to describe your situation during the call. Whereas when you book the session in advance, you often have the opportunity to specify your request in a message to the psychic readers, so that they already know what they're dealing with.

The Advantages of Getting a Psychic Reading by Phone

Although psychic reading websites and especially phone psychic readings have achieved immense popularity over the past two decades, there are still plenty of brick-and-mortar locations where you can talk to a psychic. However, there are many reasons why online psychic readings are the superior option, and here are some of them:

  1. Online services are more affordable. Because online psychics don't have to rent an office or use massive advertising to attract customers, they are able to charge less for their services than traditional psychics do.
  2. Online platforms are always evolving. The competition among online psychic reading sites is constantly growing, so they need to constantly improve their services to attract and retain customers.
  3. Online readings are more secure. No one is going to know that you're talking to an online psychic or what you're talking about, so you can safely share your deepest secrets and not worry about anyone finding out.
  4. You can read reviews beforehand. Proper research is recommended before you decide to spend money on a reading platform, and independent reviews can give you a clear idea of what to expect.
  5. Satisfaction guarantee. Reputable, user-oriented sites with online psychics offer robust customer satisfaction guarantees, which are hard to find when you use traditional psychic services.

Things to Consider When Looking For A Psychic Over the Phone

Choosing the right site to do your reading session can account for 90% of your successful experience, so this step should not be taken lightly. Here are the things to look for in a reliable phone psychics website:

  • Special offers. No one will say no to a good bargain, and that is especially true because there are not that many cheap psychic readings. So any discount or free psychic reading opportunity can be a great option. Moreover, it allows you to test the psychic before opting for a full paid session.
  • Reputation and reviews. If a psychic source has been around for many years, it will inevitably generate a lot of reviews, both on its own website and on third-party review platforms. Always make sure to check those reviews to see what others think about the site you consider using.
  • Support and guarantees. The chance that you'll need help from customer support is slim, but it's always good to know there is someone who can answer your questions or resolve the issues you've faced. It's also nice to have some form of satisfaction guarantee so that even if your experience doesn't go well, you still get your money's worth.

And now let's move on to a few things to look for when choosing the specific phone psychic:

  • Qualifications and experience. A good psychic will always have a list of diplomas and courses they completed, as well as a detailed description of their career in spirituality.
  • Specialization. It's impossible for a reputable psychic to be good at everything. They must have a specialization, whether it's tarot, astrology, love readings, or career advice.
  • User reviews. Most sites allow customers to leave reviews after a psychic session is over, and that can be a good way to know what to expect from your own session.

Make sure to also research the signs that the psychic may not actually be good.

Different Types of Psychic Phone Readings

When you want to talk to phone psychics, you should know that the variety of services they provide is all-encompassing. Of course, there are always going to be discussions over which one is the most accurate and trusted, but ultimately, this choice is yours to make. Here are the most popular readings by phone you can find today:

  • Tarot readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology readings
  • Numerology readings
  • Crystal readings
  • Rune readings
  • Mediums & clairvoyants
  • Love and relationship readings
  • Career and finance readings
  • Life path readings
  • Pet psychic readings
  • Past life readings


When should you call a psychic hotline for guidance?

There isn't really a set of rules on when you should seek spiritual guidance from a phone psychic. It's always a good idea when you're in doubt about something, face a difficult choice, are stuck in an unwanted place in your life, or simply want someone to listen to you.

What you should know before calling a psychic phone number?

When you are getting your first psychic session, whether it's with one of the tarot card readers or a clairvoyant, you should always let the psychic take the lead, at least at first. You also have reasonable expectations — if you come into the experience expecting too much, almost any result will be disappointing to you.

How accurate are telephone psychic readers?

They are just as accurate as the online chat readers or email psychics. It all depends on the psychic's abilities. The best online psychic reading sites make new psychics follow a complex selection process and regularly test their abilities, so when you use those, you can expect accurate online psychic readings.

How much do phone psychics charge per minute?

The price per minute differs between different psychic reading services. The lowest you can find is usually $1.99 per minute from a relatively inexperienced psychic, while acclaimed psychic mediums can charge $20 and more for one minute of tarot card readings or another service.

Can you get a free psychic reading over the phone?

With most online psychic services, you cannot get a fully free reading. However, depending on the site, you can get from 3 to 5 minutes for free, and that is typically enough to get the first impression about the psychic and decide whether you want to continue with a paid reading.

Final Thoughts: Should You Try A Psychic Reading by Phone?

Online psychic readings by phone are a great way to get help when you need it. A psychic reader may not solve every problem you currently have, but they will help you see the situation more clearly, find the way out of even the biggest challenge, or point you towards the best possible decision.

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