8 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners: Comprehensively Reviewed (2023)

The best type of pool cleaner you can get is an automatic pool cleaner. They take the once dreaded task of spending hours manually cleaning your pool and turn it into a convenient experience.

These robotic pool cleaners have made it easier than ever to clean your pool in a fraction of the time it takes to do so with a skimmer and manually operated pool vacuum.

You can't beat the simplicity of dropping it into your pool and watching the machine do all the work for you.

In recent years, various types of robotic pool cleaners have hit the market, coming in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. So, which is the best?

Our top picks for the best pool cleaners

Polaris Vac Sweep 360 9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Pool size: up to 60-feet in-ground pool
  • Filter type: Top-loaded
  • Cleaning coverage: Waterline, steps, floor, and walls

The Polaris 9550 is one of the best pool cleaners for swimming pools that have tight corners.

Because of its front-focused brush system, the machine can make its way to the edge of any pool with precision. This will knock out any hard-to-reach dirt and debris.

This pool cleaner comes with a 70-foot cable, which provides an extra level of convenience for larger swimming pools.

The unit also includes a remote control system and a 7-day programmable timer. The system is compatible with several different control apps, making it easily accessible for almost anybody.

The one downside to the Polaris is its weight. It's nearly twice as heavy as some of the other robotic pool cleaners on the market.

The machine has wheels to help you get it into the pool, but the task may still prove to be quite different considering how bulky the thing is.

If you're concerned about picking up your robotic pool cleaner and placing it into the pool, consider a different model.


  • It can make sharp turns
  • 4-wheel drive with specialty tires for all pool surfaces
  • The control system is compatible with several apps
  • Tangle-free cable


  • Heavier machine
  • More expensive than other robotic pool cleaners

Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Pool type: above-ground and in-ground pools
  • Filter type: two filter baskets with nylon mesh
  • Cleaning coverage: Waterline, floor, and walls

The Aquabot x4 contains all of the latest automatic pool cleaner technology, including a 4-wheel drive, and an advanced pool mapping feature.

It also has a refined filtration system that guarantees to capture all dirt and debris to make your pool as clean as possible.

The dual scrubbing brushes are durable enough to scrub any pool surface clean, from the waterline down to the floor. The brushes rotate to loosen up stubborn bacteria along the walls and waterline, as well as tight corners where contaminants tend to build up.

Not only is the Aquabot x4 an excellent robotic pool cleaner, but it also comes with a long-lasting, 2-year warranty.

This specific pool cleaner model is suitable to use in both in-ground and above-ground pools.


  • 4-wheel drive train
  • Easy access to load the filter
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Dual-media filtration
  • 2-year warranty


  • Cleaning time takes 3 hours

DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Pool type: In-ground pools
  • Filter type: Twin micro pool filter cartridges
  • Cleaning coverage: Powerful dual scrubbing brushes that reach doors, steps, walls, and waterline

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of Maytronics most popular.

It is designed with high-tech innovation that makes it a tried and true among swimming pool owners.

This pool cleaner features Premier Vector Climbing, which allows the machine to climb walls and reach the hard-to-reach waterline areas.

Most bacteria, algae, and biofilm congregate just above and below the waterline. While many automatic pool cleaners can reach the scum line just below the waterline, most cannot reach above the upper wall and tile line.

Well, the Dolphin Premier can. It attaches to the wall and maintains position, with up to 40% of the robot above the waterline.


  • Dual stabilizers
  • The machine can reach above the waterline
  • Anti-tangle swivel
  • SmartNav for faster cleaning and improved efficiency
  • Commercial-grade motors that provide powerful a suction line
  • HyperGrip rubber Tracks
  • 3-year warranty included in the purchase


  • Expensive

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Pool type: up to 50 feet in-ground pools
  • Filter type: Large top-loaded filters
  • Cleaning coverage: Floor and walls only

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is one of the best pool cleaners money can buy. This product is especially powerful and able to scoop up any dirt and debris found in the pool.

It has notable features, including large cartridge filters, an anti-tangle swivel cable, and a variable cleaning schedule.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is also 8 times more energy efficient compared to other automatic pool cleaners on the market. It's capable of cleaning a standard-sized swimming pool in two hours, with limited energy output.

The filter cartridges are very easy to replace and the machine has quality traction when navigating through the pool surface.

Unfortunately, there have been recent reports of manufacturing issues that can affect the pool cleaner's performance.

Of course, this won't be an issue with the 3-year warranty provided at the time of purchase, but it may be frustrating to replace your Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus every so often.


  • Energy-efficient automatic pool cleaner
  • No tangles with the anti-swivel cable
  • Flexible scheduling times


  • Does not go to the waterline
  • Some manufacturing problems
  • Expensive



  • Pool type: up to 50 feet in-ground pools
  • Filter type: Extra large top-loaded filters
  • Cleaning coverage: Floor, walls, and waterline

The Dolphin Triton is an automatic pool cleaner that can be easily registered and set through a remote control device. This means you can have your pool cleaner get started anytime, any day.

This machine has many other distinguishing features as well - including two-speed setting options and a waterline cleaning service. In regards to the pool's filtration system, there is an extra-large basket that provides sufficient cleanup.

Additionally, you can customize your cleaning time depending on the size and shape of your pool. The Triton also offers a quick-mode feature that will give your pool a quick cleaning in under an hour.

While there are some previous manufacturing issues noted, these detectors are few and far between. Overall, this automatic pool cleaner is a quality choice.


  • Multi-speed settings available
  • Manual control options for spot cleaning
  • A lightweight machine that's easy to carry
  • Active brush for an additional cleaning aid


  • Some manufacturing issues
  • Trouble cleaning stairs and tight corners

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Automatic Pool Cleaner


  • Pool type: up to 50 feet in-ground pools
  • Filter type: Top-load filter cartridges
  • Cleaning coverage: Floor, walls, and waterline

The DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme is another ideal choice for all your automatic pool cleaner needs. The unit features state-of-the-art mapping software, triple brushing action, and an impressive filtration system.

This pool cleaner also offers an ultra-fast cleaning cycle that will clean your pool from head to toe in under 1.5 hours. This is made possible with the pool cleaner's powerful motors and superior filtering capabilities.

There's an option to connect the pool cleaner to WiFi, which helps you set the cleaning cycle ahead of time. You can also delay start and spot clean using this feature.

Overall, this robot vacuum cleaner takes swimming pool cleaning to a whole new level. It can masterfully clean the floor, walls, and waterline of all pool surfaces. And with the advanced suction side pool feature, every section of the pool will get squeaky clean.


  • Quick-clean option available that focuses on the floor only
  • Three scrubbing brushes
  • WiFi connection for an interactive pool cleaning experience
  • Easy to clean filter cartridges


  • Caddy is not included in the purchase

DOLPHIN Sigma Pool Cleaner


  • Pool type: up to 50 feet in-ground pools
  • Filter type: Dual 2 micron cartridge
  • Cleaning coverage: Floor, walls, and waterline

The DOLPHIN Sigma is one of the best pool cleaners in regards to providing customers with top-notch technology and motor designs. Some reviewers claim this is the best Dolphin pool cleaner ever made.

This device includes advanced gyroscope technology, commercial-grade DC motors for powerful suction side cleaners, and extremely efficient cleaning cycles.

This pool cleaner pushes the limits with its new technology that essentially revolutionizes automatic pool cleaners and how they're built. The creators of this pool cleaner designed new motors and drive systems that provide impressive performance and navigation capabilities. It does this while reducing its energy use by up to 90%. The motors remain extremely efficient without all the unnecessary power.


  • Programmable smart timer for flexible start schedule
  • Bluetooth and phone remote control capabilities
  • 360° anti-tangle swivel cord
  • Direct drive services
  • Bi-directional cleaning
  • 4 scrubbing brushes
  • Triple commercial DC motors
  • Scrubs tile, floors, walls, and waterline
  • Intelligent navigation for a more efficient cleaning cycle
  • 3-year warranty upon purchase


  • Reports off coming off track occasionally

Features to look for in a pool cleaner

4-wheel drive

For both in-ground and above-ground pools, it's important to use a pool cleaner that's designed with four-wheel drive. This feature will allow the machine to easily get over bumps, climb walls and stairs, and reach the waterline of the swimming pool. Without 4-wheel drive, a pool cleaner will have trouble navigating through the pool's slippery surfaces on the floor and sides.

Lightweight unit

You will also want a lightweight pool cleaner. This will make the cleaning process much easier, especially when throwing it both in and out of your pool. If you're experiencing difficulty carrying the pool cleaner, you may also have a hard time caring for it and maintaining its current state.

Anti-tangle swivel cord

Think about how frustrating it can get when a cord gets tangled. Now imagine that with something in your pool. It would prevent the device from moving around the pool and climbing walls with ease. That would be a nightmare. Because of this, the best pool cleaners will include a swivel cord that will prevent tangles in the water.

Automated timer

The whole purpose of a pool cleaner is to make your life easier when cleaning your swimming pool. If the unit features a programmable timer, it will make your life even easier. It should allow you to schedule a cleaning cycle in advance, meaning you can set it while you're asleep, at work, etc. It adds an extra layer of convenience.

Climbing abilities

Automated pool cleaners should be able to climb your pool's walls, stairs, tight corners, steps, etc. If the cleaner can't climb the sides of the pool with ease, it could leave behind a lot of bacteria and other contaminants. you want your unit to clean every area of the pool, from the floor to the waterline to the sides of your pool.

The different types of pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaners

Even though it sounds like a suction-side pool cleaner would do the same thing as a robotic pool cleaner, those two devices are quite different.

Suction side pool cleaners attach the pool's skimmer and use the suction of the pool pump and filter to power the cleaner. From there, it should move around the swimming pool and pick up dirt and debris as it goes. But - as you can probably imagine, it is not very energy efficient and can damage your pool pump.

Suction side pool cleaner takeaway

Suction pool cleaners are very affordable because they rely on the pool's filtration system. Because of this, suction pool cleaners are risky to be left alone while cleaning your pool.

Pressure side pool cleaner

Pressure side pool cleaners attach to a return jet in your pool. It uses the water pressure from the pump and filter to move through the pool's surfaces. It creates a vortex pool vacuum to gather debris into the dedicated filter bag or filter basket.

Pressure side pool cleaner takeaway

Overall, pressure-side cleaners still rely on your pool's filtration system.

Robotic pool cleaner

On the other hand, robotic pool cleaners are entirely autonomous. They do not depend on your pool to get the job done. If they run into an issue, they won't break a component of your pool in the process.

Plus, they're much more efficient and easy to use. It utilizes its suction to collect dirt and debris and places it into a filter bag or filter basket. It does not require external pressure to clean the pool.


A pool vacuum is essential to keep your pool clean, including the bottom of the pool and the walls of your pool. While there are various types of pool cleaners to choose from, an automatic pool vacuum can get the job done effectively and efficiently.

It can climb the walls of the pool and sweep the pool floor, picking up large debris and keeping pool maintenance relatively simple. Plus, it won't rely on the pool filter or pool pump to keep your pool clean. These pool vacuums can do everything on their own.

We understand it may be difficult to decide between the numerous options available - such as the Polaris Vac Sweep 360, Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner, Zodiac Baracuda G3, and all the other pool vacuum options. It's best to get a pool vacuum that will do the best job on your specific type of pool.

We hope this helps and good luck!

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