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Shun serves some of metro Detroit’s finest ramen in Madison Heights

Chef Kevin Chai launched a hit restaurant after taking a ramen class in Japan

By Tom Perkins

For the most part, chefs at restaurants Metro Times reviews grew up cooking in kitchens at their parents’ restaurant, cut their teeth as a line cook for years, or otherwise arrived at their position steeped in culinary tradition. But every now and again, I encounter a chef with no culinary experience who never had a real drive to run a kitchen, but still got really good at making one dish — almost an accidental chef...

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Some surprisingly good Detroit-area eats can be found in gas stations

Gas stations were gas stations when I was a kid. You drove in over a rubber hose that rang a service bell.…

By Robert Stempkowski

Gas stations have really stepped up their food options, like Taystee’s Burgers.
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