Tough Guy Overcomes Moronic Muggers

Oct 11, 2010 at 4:30 pm
Downriver's News-Herald reported last week that two 20-year-olds, Jeffrey McMath of Wyandotte and Justin Rissane of Lincoln Park attempted to rob Kevin Remisoski outside of a Wyndotte Circle K. The rangy clodpolls even had a rifle.

But it's obvious they didn't know who they were fuckin' with.

Remisoski took action. He disarmed the cub thugs, who then bolted but were later busted. The report says Remisoski could only be whipped with "a lot more guns and a lot more guys."

Since the fracas posted at the Herald and then at the Fox 2 site on Saturday, Remisoski logged himself in as Kremisoski and answered questions in the comments section below the stories. The tone in each went south with talk of drink, god and guns, and "GOD BLESS AMERICA" all in caps, and the guy claiming to be Kremisoski wound up defending himself there too. Lots of fun.