Tell us how your mother fought the patriarchy for Mother's Day

May 8, 2017 at 3:33 pm
As long as I can remember, my mother's never worn makeup.

From photographs, it appears she may have swept some black mascara onto her lashes on her wedding day, but that was three years before I was born. She stopped dying her hair what seems like a decade ago and now sports a short crop of silver hair, though she's not yet 60. She has an MBA and works in finance. She's one of the last to leave her office every evening.

Her credentials speak for themselves, no lipstick needed.

And while she may not realize it, her resistance to feed society's demand that women remain in a state of prepubescence until they draw their last strawberry lipgloss-scented breath, is an aid in a fight against that ominous and ever-present monster modern day feminists refer to as "the patriarchy."

But enough about my mom. I want to know about yours.

Maybe your mom marched in the 1968 Miss America protest and tossed her high heels and girdle in the "freedom trash can." Maybe she's never spoken negatively about another woman's appearance. Maybe she set an example of self-love and sex positivity. Maybe she's made a concerted effort to never pressure you to marry and reproduce. Maybe she's challenged you to climb the ranks at work and supported you in your attempts to ascend the professional hierarchy. Maybe she just never did your laundry or made your lunch or cleaned your room because those are skills you need to learn to become a successful adult. Tell me all about it!

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