Restoration Hardware to come to Detroit: Prepare for primo Dumpster Diving

Dec 16, 2014 at 3:25 pm
According to a recent report from Crain's, Restoration Hardware is opening an outlet store on Woodward in Downtown Detroit.

Restoration Hardware's retail store was once known throughout the low income communities of New York City as having exceptional Dumpster Diving. We've seen plenty of discarded RH picture frames and furniture rocked out across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, because the Detroit location is an outlet, not retail, and it's to "serve as an efficient means to sell discontinued or irregular inventory outside of [their] core sales channels," there's a chance all that great broken trash might be diverted from the Dumpster in Manhattan to an outlet like the one in Downtown Detroit.

Hopefully, though, the new Restoration Hardware outlet will have well-stocked Dumpsters. That they are bringing their high-end trash to Downtown is something thrifty Detroiters might look forward to. Otherwise, it'll just be another high-end shop Downtown, hanging with John Varvatos, housing a lot of items the vast majority of Detroiters can't afford.