Probing the Cass Corridor-Midtown fault line in the news

Aug 26, 2014 at 10:23 am

For at least the last decade, it has been a point of contention for longtime Detroiters that the area called "Midtown" is really more properly called the Cass Corridor. They have some points in their favor. The name "Cass Corridor" is rooted in history: The Cass Corridor takes its name from the old parcel owned by territorial governor Lewis Cass. The "Cass Corridor" has art and music movements associated with it, and local institutions used the name. The "Cass Corridor" has well-defined boundaries: It runs between Cass and Third from Michigan north to at least where the Wayne State University campus takes over. 
The "Midtown" brand, by comparison, has a brief history, is associated with a PR and development company, and has boundaries that flex and withdraw as investment and crime ripple through it. As one Cass Corridor resident used to joke, "When they build a condo, they say it happened in a place called Midtown. When there's a shooting, they say it happened in Cass Corridor!"
Well, now that may be changing, as the neighborhood is almost universally called "Midtown." As proof, look at this news item, which places a shooting in "MIDTOWN" in Detroit. 
It may be an unusual barometer of the march of progress, but it represents one more blow against the place we used to know as the Cass Corridor.