Motor City Rides

Feb 14, 2007 at 12:00 am
Part of Loretta Lucas’ charm is how she injects new angles (or angels) into classic country heartache. We’re not just talking rock ’n’ roll, chief. We’re talking roller skates.

In fact, the guitar-pickin’ songbird has been known to pull out a mean cover of Melanie’s ode to roller-skatin’ bliss, “Brand New Key,” on more than one occasion. It should come as no surprise then that Loretta and her sister Julie (who’s also her bandmate in Friends of the Diddlers) and fellow musician/artist Elizabeth Isaacson (of Trophy Wife Designs) decided to invade Livonia’s eye-popping/booty-shaking Riverside Arena rink and let loose some hard Cupid arrow. “Walkin’ After Midnight” meets shoot-the-duck, if you will.


The ladies took advantage of this-wheelie opportunity to offer up some advice: “Gents — want to win over that special someone? Let our arrows direct you to take your loves out for a fun and unexpected evening. You know, maybe something silly like roller-skating.”

Loretta chimes in with a bit more insight: “Roller-skating is the perfect metaphor for love — it makes you feel silly, you’re apt to get hurt, but it’s well worth the ride.”