Michiganders post about wanting to quit their stupid-ass jobs on Twitter more than any other state

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click to enlarge Definitely not a real tweet from a real person ... - Screengrab/Twitter
Definitely not a real tweet from a real person ...

From Network, Bridget Jones's Diary, Office Space, Jerry Maguire, The Devil Wears Prada, and, our personal favorite, Half-Baked, quitting one's job can be pretty damn cinematic. But for us real working stiffs, quitting — or at least talking about how badly you want to quit — can be as simple as a tweet. And no one does it better, er, more, than Michigan.

Twitter data reveals that Michigan is in the top spot when it comes to people making posts about quitting their job. In the past month, Twitter found more than one million geo-tagged Michigan tweets that use phrases such as "quit my job" or "find new job" or "quitting my job," according to WDIV-TV.

Though Michigan is the employee of the month when it comes to posting about quitting, Georgia, Arizona, and Oregon trail behind, with Alaska, Kentucky, and the Dakotas among those who tweet the least about quitting.

And this Twitter chatter isn't just talk. Per the U.S. Labor Department, August was a big month for people actively quitting their jobs, with 4.3 million people — or 3% of the country's workforce — giving the big F-U to their employers. This is the highest reported number of resignations since 2000, which is when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking employment data. This phenomenon is being touted as "The Great Resignation," as people have, as a result of the pandemic, come to value their time more and are now prioritizing higher wages, healthier working environments, and better benefits.

Just a reminder to all our disgruntled readers: You are ineligible to collect unemployment benefits if you quit your job without a good reason that is "attributable to the employer." Trying to get fired? Well, that might disqualify you, too, depending on how naughty you are, ie; being late, destroying property, refusing to work, or flipping the bird. Remember, this isn't a movie.

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