Metro Times readers: We want your letters to Santa!

Dear readers,

We know times are tough. A recent study showed 46.2 million U.S. citizens are poor. And that’s after our recession was declared over. That means, as Americans, we’re putting off that new car or home, delaying vacations, spending less time with our families and loved ones and spending more time toiling or looking for work. The picture in our fair city isn’t much rosier either, with a local unemployment rate hovering stubbornly around 11 percent. And even those of us fortunate enough to be prosperous almost certainly have some nagging need that remains unmet.

It’s enough to make a person, even a proud person, ask for a little help, isn’t it? The good news is that it’s the time of year to ask a certain jolly fellow who lives at the North Pole for gifts, and you don’t have to be knee-high to ask. In fact, we have connections with the big guy: He’s a dedicated Metro Times reader.

So here’s the deal: You send us that letter asking for that new truck, split-level pad, vacation in Tahiti or randy boy-toy, and we’ll print it. All we ask is your age, gender and city of residence (that way Kris Kringle will know exactly who you are), and that you think hard about what you really want and perhaps need for Christmas, and send it on in. Send it to [email protected], and you may just get what you want!

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Lee DeVito

Leyland “Lee” DeVito is the editor in chief of Detroit Metro Times since 2016. His writing has also been published in Hour Detroit, VICE, In These Times, and New City. He once asked porn star Stormy Daniels to spank him with an issue of Metro Times. She obliged...
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