Metro Retro

Jun 9, 2010 at 12:00 am

22 years ago in Metro Times: Canadian officials vow to appeal their lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, in an effort to guarantee that adequate pollution controls are in place for the city's new incinerator project. James Bradley, Ontario's minister of the environment, says that the Detroit incinerator is being built with "Model T air pollution control equipment ... technologies that are outmoded and certainly not state-of-the-art." The incinerator has long been a point of debate among Detroiters, most recently tackled by both Curt Guyette and Jack Lessenberry, but joining in the fight against the incinerator, protesters are organizing a rally against it at the upcoming U.S. Social Forum. What was happening: Pantera at Harbor Entertainment Center, Tony Bennett at the Westin Hotel Ballroom and the Pixies at Rick's American Café. 

16 years ago in Metro Times: With the United States hosting the 1994 World Cup, A. Lin Neumann's headline posits, "Soccer is certainly a grand game, a wonderful spectacle, an international passion. But three weeks after the final match, will anyone in America care?" This has always been a uniquely American problem with soccer, even the year we hosted the tournament. Will 2010 be the year that the U.S. soccer team finally captures national attention? Probably not. Still, this is supposed to be the strongest team the United States has fielded to date. We will find out as World Cup play goes until a winner is crowned July 11. What was happening: The Pontiac Silverdome played host to two World Cup games, Phish was at Phoenix Plaza Amphitheater and Kid Rock at the Magic Bag.

9 years ago in Metro Times: News Hits sent an open letter to the then-Detroit Police Chief Benny Napoleon. "News Hits hates to stir up trouble for you ... nor do we like to mention [your department's] chronic problems, i.e. a high rate of fatal police shootings, jail deaths, false arrests, misreported arrest rates, millions of dollars racked up in lawsuit judgments and the Justice Department's ongoing investigations into the above..." This was after MT's Ann Mullen filed a Freedom of Information Act request — along with around two-dozen or so others — for homocide department documents that had yet to be turned over by the city. Napoleon went on to be appointed Wayne County Sheriff, and, along with Wayne County Prosecuter Kym Worthy, has been attempting to stop the fear of "snitching" in the wave of recent violence. What was happening: Coldplay at the State Theatre, Air at Clutch Cargo's and D12 at St. Andrew's Hall.