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Consider yourself warmly welcomed to the Time And Relative Dimension In Space edition of MB29! • Doctor Who (BBC) :: Luckily, the cracked actor who played the new ninth Doctor as an arrogant, self-righteous twit quit after only one season because he was afraid of being typecast, if you can believe such twaddle. So, until the adventures of Time Lord No. 10 reach North America later this year, there’s no denying that the definitive Doctor is still Tom Baker. • Mob StereoToo Young To Go Steady (Dollar Record) :: Not only do these singles going steady have their Ramones 101 song structure down pat, they also have a wasted chanteuse (that’s good) who’s mixed too far down in the background (that’s bad). • CaribouThe Milk Of Human Kindness (Domino) :: This ethereal entry stands at the quirky crossroads between Cluster and Terry Riley. Bonus points for naming their band after an old Elton John album. • Backyard BabiesTinnitus (Liquor and Poker) :: Too disciplined to be the new Dolls and too plodding to be the new Pistols, these boozetown brats run out of steam after the first two tracks. But what a rip-roarin’ way to go! • The LocustSafety Second, Body Last (Ipecac) :: The world’s first screamo opera includes forensic music like “New Tongue Sweepstakes” and “Hairy Mouth.” Showbiz bible Spice Of Life tags David Cronenberg to direct the movie version. • SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: The Timelords & The KLFDoctorin’ the Tardis (TVT) :: By expertly combining the late Ron Grainer’s immortal Doctor Who theme with Gary Glitter’s “Rock ’n’ Roll” — replete with Tardis teleportation roar and exterminating Dalek dialogue — this innovative eight-minute single from 1991 is the prescient precursor to every mash mix that exists today. • Be seeing you!

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