[MAP] Even Henry Ford Had a Fantasy Detroit Public Transit System

Feb 10, 2014 at 11:51 am

via Detroitography.com

Even good ol' Henry Ford had fantasies about could-be Detroit public transit systems.

According to Detroitography.com, Ford had concocted an 81-mile rapid transit plan but recognized that feasibility and funding weren't there.

Detroitography also indicated that the main lines important for Ford were:

Grand River-Schoolcraft Line

“[...] conveniently located for the low-income low-auto-ownership residents of the area. Six more stations serve an [extensive[ residential corridor of about eight miles lying directly north of the site. In a second phase, the line would continue to Merriman Road [...]“

Michigan-Airport Line

“[...] this line on the system originates in the Central Business District running in subway under Michigan Avenue to the Lodge Freeway and sharing some stations with the Grand River-Schoolcraft line in the CBD. [...] In a second phase, the Michigan-Airport line continues along the Penn Central right-of-way, wit stations in West Dearborn and Inkster.”

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