Lunchtime Links: You're using #hashtags wrong, Savage reviews Palin, cartoonists copying cartoonists and more

Dec 20, 2013 at 12:17 pm

1) Artist Mike Holmes has an uncanny ability to draw himself and his cat in the styles of other cartoonists. Above, he masterfully copies  Gary Larson (The Far Side), Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes), Maurice Sendak (Where The Wild Things Are) and George Herriman (Krazy Kat).

2) OK, Internet, we need to have a talk... you're using #hashtags wrong. One thing we'd like to see go out of style in 2014 is the gratuitous use of hashtags. Here's a quick crash course on how to do it right. (Mashable)

3) The end of the year is usually a time for best of lists. VICE has got a worst music of the year list. On LORDE: "Fuck you for making this weird little shrew the must-hear breakout dark horse hit of the year." (VICE)

4) The next episode of GIRLS features Lena Dunham shitting during a gyno exam and eating a burrito. Not really, but the folks at The Onion sure are funny. (The Onion)

5) Every once in a while we tune into pop culture, like real pop culture, and are completely alienated. Apparently there is a reality TV show about duck-hunting hillbillies. Apparently this show is the most popular show in America for some reason. Apparently one of the duck-hunting hillbillies said something anti-homophobic. People: this is what happens when you break up the writers' unions. (New York Times)

6) We're not really sure what's going on with this Christmas decoration.  (death + taxes)

7) Spicy food loving hipsters, beware: a Siracha shortage is imminent. (Forbes)

8) Electronic cigarettes were left in kind of a gray area once states started cracking down on indoor smoking. New York is adding e-cigarettes to their ban, despite objections that they are in no way the same as traditional cigarettes. (Wall Street Journal)

9) Duggan and Orr agree on delegation of authority: Duggan will run the day-to-day operations, while Orr manages finances. (Crain's Detroit)

10) The Raconteurs are probably the Jack White-related band to get the least love: aside from a few scattered dates a few years ago, it seems to be low on his list of priorities. White and Brendan Benson teased some Racs songs at a benefit gig in Nashville the other night. (Rolling Stone)