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Did we read the same article?

Dear Metro Times: What was the point of the article regarding the White Grove Restaurant ("Land of the lost," Oct. 28)? The owner's hateful attitude? The fact that Cass Corridor has issues? And why is Detroitblogger John so angry with that area? This is his second article that I know of where he plainly illustrates his hatred for the neighborhood and its occupants. Does it tend to harbor bad folks? Yes, but it doesn't take hanging out there to make you an opportunistic criminal.

Stop pointlessly bitching. Try volunteering at some of those "social agencies" that cater to the "addicts, prostitutes, the homeless and the insane." Perhaps you'll see these are actual people, real individuals, whose lives went askew for whatever reasons, which may or may not be their own fault. Why are you not trying to help them find a better way, instead of uselessly pointing an ugly finger and grimacing?

Also, why are you not concentrating more on the other businesses that have been successfully providing actual services to the community? Try Fred's Key Shop, the Old Miami or Third Avenue Hardware. Perhaps their input was not as vitriolic or as sensational as Helen Turner's or Linwood Martin's.

Has The White Grove Restaurant ever thought maybe it's the horrible service and bad food that keeps a better clientele away? Either they have enough paying patrons to keep the place open or they are running it for free, which I am having a hard time believing. —Lucy Kitchen, Detroit

Knew 'em before they were Romans

Re: "When in Rome" (Nov. 11), I grew up with Eric Choi and he used to be a part of my praise band at church, and I also attended high school with a few of WCAR. I'm a chef, musician, photographer, 23, and I'm tuned into creativity quite frequently, and I've got to say, We Came As Romans are absolutely phenomenal in a creative, insightful, moving, flawless way. I happened to run across this greatly written story by chance and just wanted to say, Stillwater's not the only band from Troy now. Hail We Came As Romans. Thank you for the article, Mr. Holdship! —Andrew Kim, Troy

Milliken: A class act

Thanks for the News Hits report on the dedication of the William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor ("River talk," News Hits, Oct. 28). It took me back to read Mr. Milliken's words at the event.

I vividly remember the first time I voted. It was one of the few times in my life that I crossed over to the Republican side of the ballot, but I had to in order to cast my vote for Governor Milliken. In our household, he was as respected and trusted as the many Democrats my parents campaigned for over the years.

Too bad we don't have any more like him in Michigan. What a class act. —Catherine Fry, Southfield

There were a few errors. in last week's story about Eddie Baranek and the Sights. ("Don't call it a comeback," Nov. 11). We got the given name of the musician from Spitting Nickels wrong. His name is John Bissa. And a former bandmate of Baranek's name was miffed. His name is spelled Bobby Emmett.

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