Letters to the Editor

Jul 3, 2002 at 12:00 am
Praise for Vinnie

Well, to start with, I know that Brian Smith is an asshole! We went to Harley Fest just to hear Detroit's own Sponge (Suckerpunch, Metro Times, June 26-July 2) Cheap Trick was great, but we were there to see that arrogant unbearable front man you call Vinnie.

Vinnie does know how to put on a show. If you could ask those guys that were holding his feet and arms, I'm sure that they would have the same opinion as me! Try it — if you have the balls!

Joey Mazzola is one of the best guitarists from this area and the fans love him. Those two guys together are a band themselves.

You must not be from the Detroit area, and if you are, I see why Metro Times is free! Why don't you get a real job? I'm sure you've heard this before! —Kerry Knope, [email protected], Mount Clemens

Challenge made

Hey, Mrs. Smith, I guess you’re like all the other critics who want to sound tough behind your words, then duck and hide behind your paper and call it journalism. Step into the ring and let’s see what kind of CD you come up with! Of course, you'd probably use the mic for something else!

Yeah, your initials tell the whole story of your life! BS! —Edward Valdez, Ann Arbor

Fair view

Thanks to Andrea Leptinsky ("Solstice with druids and others," Metro Times, June 26-July 2). I simply wanted to state how happy I was to see an objective point of view about an unpopular belief system. True journalism at it's best does not taint a story but tells it truly, and I feel that is what she has done. —Rhonda Mulkey, [email protected], Cohutta, Ga.