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Missing pages

I enjoyed reading W. Kim Heron’s "The kiss, the wall & other true tales" (Metro Times, May 15-21). As a native Detroiter, I have lived through many of the events now being written about by young (former) Detroiters. I have read Thomas Sugrue's book, and I think it is one of the most honest books written about Detroit's past.

I wish Heron had mentioned some of the recent books by African-American Detroiters, for example, Remembering Detroit's Old West Side, 1920-1950 written by the Westsiders in 1997. I am one of the authors of this book, and a charter member of The Westsiders. Our book is a pictorial history book that provides a lot of information about Detroit's

African-American history, as told by the people who lived during this era. Another good book is Conant Gardens by the Conant Gardeners. Also, I hope you are aware of the book, Paradise Valley Days, also by African-Americans. —Edita Turner, Detroit

Look at ourselves

I found W. Kim Heron’s article on the histories of Detroit interesting but annoying. It's important to understand the past but it's more important to act in the present. I know Mr. Boyle wants us to wait for a "movement" to solve the plague of racism, but I think we each need to begin in our hearts and deeds. Historians want to reinterpret the history of Detroit, which is fine. But substituting one group of historical villains for another does nothing to address the current state of our city.

If all of us were to do two things, we'd have a much better starting point for addressing racism and segregation. First one can step onto one's porch and look up and down the street. Second one can look in his or her address book. If one sees only people like themselves, they're living a segregated life in the most diverse nation in the world.

We should think about that when we make decisions great and small that will have as great an historical impact as Mr. Boyle's hoped-for movement. We can better change institutions if the people within them are changed. All institutions as well as movements are made of individuals. If they carry the same old attitudes in their hearts and minds, little will change. And I wonder how racially mixed the communities of these historians are. It would indeed be hypocritical if they criticized white Detroit resident from the '40s-'70s if they are still living lives that reinforce racism. —Eddie Hejka, Detroit

Straight truth

I thought Lisa M. Collins’ article on Carol Marvin was a hard-hitting, well-researched piece ("‘God’s event,’" Metro Times, May 22-28). It was refreshing to see this alternative stance to DEMF, while as you noted, Real Detroit made no mention of the bullshit; neither did the major dailies in Detroit and Windsor. —Matt Leslie, Windsor, Ontario

Marvin rules

I have gone to the DEMF all three days for all three years; I love it. I didn't think your article was fair to Carol Marvin. Her name is on the contract, not Carl Craig's. So, I think she should be allowed to 'rule' the DEMF. It's her ass on the line. Besides she has a bigger problem — the DEMF is becoming a victim of its own success. —Scott Lipiec, Royal Oak

Shield the kids

I'm no prude, but the cover of your May 29-June 4 issue has crossed the line into porn. Its prominent display in Metro Times boxes all over the area will no doubt raise issues regarding discretion, not to mention the undying gratitude of parents trying to shield their children from such displays. What were you thinking? Of course, you probably expanded your market share of adolescent boys (and some girls) regardless of their real age. Congratulations! —Greg Thom, Detroit

Discomfort level

Thanks so much for the photo contest issue, in which we find a young girl wearing a red bathing suit and a sleepy expression masturbating on the cover. Wooo-hoo! Although it did make my 11-year-old daughter and me a tad uncomfortable for a few minutes there. —Laurie Colson, [email protected], Columbus, Ohio

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