Letters to the Editor

Accident of birth

Good articles on Detroit discs, however, I challenge the comment made about New York being too "haughty," while at the same time including Madonna in your list of Detroit sounds (One girl’s material," Metro Times, May 1-7). Madonna's endeavor into music came a few years after moving to New York and eventually forming her band. All of her influences and sounds came from New York DJs, and her fashion was inspired from the Greenwich Village, Soho and Chelsea cultures of lower Manhattan. I guess because her birth certificate claims Michigan, that's a good enough reason for this CD. —Neil Birk, [email protected], New Rochelle, N.Y.

What’s missing?

The music issue you have just put out was very interesting, particularly, the Alice Cooper Love it to Death piece ("Blame Canada," Metro Times, May 1-7). However, there was one important aspect that you left out about this record — the album cover. The original album cover (not shown in your paper picture) has the same photo only with Alice's right thumb sticking out of that cape to give the impression that his "willy" was exposed. This was considered too provocative by the record label

and was changed to what you see now. —Andy Stefani, Birmingham

Grand slam

Do you suppose, Jack Lessenberry, you could get yourself interviewed on ESPN ("What to do about baseball?" Metro Times, April 24-30)? If the franchises could be reorganized into the Gazillionaire League and the Merely Millionaire League and the Love of the Game League, with tickets and paraphernalia priced accordingly, maybe kids could enjoy afternoon games in the cheap seats and find loyalty worthwhile. I nearly died of sorrow when Bobo Newsome lost the seventh game to Cincinnati, 2-1, but it was a heartbreak that healed the following spring and all the springs that followed for a long time. But then again, taking a tour of Hudson's was a great joy but Wal-Mart is another story, and a sadder one. Maybe we just ought to let it go. —Conrad Discont, Fowler, Calif.

We deserve a break today

Ann Mullen wrote a good story on the horrible decision to let a new McDonald’s restaurant be built ("Unhappy meal," Metro Times, May 1-7). It would have been nice to mention there are already two other McDonald’s within a mile of this new location; one is at Mack and I-75, the other is at Comerica Park. —Troy Adam, [email protected], Detroit

Art smart

I read all four of George Tysh’s articles critiquing art galleries, and I am regretting the end of the series. I was very engaged by the concept. I think about the number of regional arts centers not yet visited and the list of brave, young gallery directors yet to be consulted. I'm hoping other readers have written to persuade you to continue. If this is truly the end, I must console myself by thinking: "What new art story concepts does George Tysh have in mind?" —Will Juntunen, [email protected], Royal Oak

On the case

Ann Mullen, I would like to thank you for your vigilance on the issue of Eugene Brown ("Let’s make a deal," Metro Times, April 24-30). This affair has all the makings of a Hollywood movie — but no rational, thinking person could ever believe that this is a true story. I read News Hits every week and must say I am extremely impressed, because you and a few other journalists are the only ones with the courage and sense of morality to make known this gross travesty of justice. —Ed Klee, Warren

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