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As the stomach turns

As I was reading "Waste knot," (Metro Times, Feb. 20-26), I literally got sick to my stomach. Nobody should live like the people in your article. I cannot believe that this continues to occur and nothing is done. I do not for one second believe that money is not a factor; I am sure someone is profiting nicely from this dumping. I commend you for having the courage to bring this subject forth. I am an outdoor enthusiast and I would like to get more involved in environmental issues. This article was just the incentive that I needed. Thank you for such an important story, that I hope will inspire others to get involved. —Robin Kwasneski, [email protected], Dearborn

Northern exposure

Lisa M. Collins wrote an excellent article on a very sad subject. It made me feel our fight against irresponsible development up here in the Keweenaw where the sewer from a ski hill worries residents about pollution of nearby Lake Superior is mild compared to what the people in this Detroit neighborhood are up against. Keep up the good investigative journalism. —Michele Anderson, [email protected], Hancock

The people’s court

The Canflow story not only makes good reading, but helps to keep these issues in the public eye. To allow a company with Canflow's record to profit at the expense of neighborhood health and quality of life is as reprehensible as trusting them to do their own testing. Next time some elected official talks about rebuilding our neighborhoods, they should be given your article. Thanks for being on the side of the people. —Rob Cedar, [email protected], Hamtramck

Sharing the love

I read Jeremy Voas’ article about polyamory ("Lovers leap," Metro Times, Feb. 13-19) and I wanted to say he did a great job. He covered the subject in a very responsible, respectful manner. Few journalists would have shown his integrity; few would have presented polyamory in such a nonjudgmental light. —Carrie Copeland, [email protected], Williamston


Could Jack Lessenberry possibly be any more liberal and misguided ("Axis of evil, indeed," Metro Times, Feb. 6-12)? Yes, it is right and even American to question our government and its actions. Yes, it is good to look for the hidden agenda of politicians. But don't sit there and praise Clinton for our economic prosperity and blame Bush for its end; don’t tell me you believe that terrorism has been rendered impotent by the destruction of one network.

Welcome to the 21st century, coward, and be glad there are some who will take risks to guarantee your right to live and vomit the journalistic puke you put out as a column. —John Kenney, [email protected], Commerce Township

This doesn’t mean war

By what reasoning can Jack Lessenberry describe the detainees in Cuba as prisoners of war ("A Guantanamo gulag," Metro Times, Jan.30-Feb. 5)? This nation has neither constitutionally nor as provided under the War Powers Act of 1973 declared war against anyone. Simply mouthing the word "war" does not make it so. I wonder why he did not mention Japan's treatment of prisoners of war during World War II? —Felix Novak, Dearborn Heights

Ignorance isn’t bliss

I would just like to let you know how insightful and refreshing Keith A. Owens’ columns are. His works on Americans waving their flags and the often misrepresented word "nigger" really struck a chord with me. I tend to be in favor of capital punishment, but his column ("A jury-rigged system," Metro Times, Feb. 20-26) touched on very important issues concerning errors within the criminal justice system. Capital punishment only really works in theory because human error occurs daily and there is no accounting for ignorance. It's good to be able to see journalism at its best, voicing truth and wisdom, while also acknowledging that there are questions one can't answer. I look forward to reading more. —Sandra Ryan, [email protected], Ottawa, Canada

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