Letters to the Editor

Jul 25, 2001 at 12:00 am
No rednecks here

Casey Coston’s column in the Metro Times of July 18-24 greatly annoyed me. His bashing of Sequoia was absurd. He made reference to Friday and Saturday; Sequoia was not there either day. I am the manager that booked Sequoia for the Thunderfest. None of the bands there were rednecks nor was there ever any danger of fists flying. All of the musicians there I found to be very professional and very talented. Were we at the same Thunderfest?

Did Coston know the stage was provide by Sequoia, paid for and built by the band and myself for everyone’s use, so that all the bands would have an equal playing field? If Sequoia were such rednecks they would not have let everyone use their stage and PA. They are a very hard-working bunch of guys that not only rock but are employed full time as well. They are all professional men and deserve respect, not insults. Sequoia is a rock band with a great selection of original material as well as covers.

Perhaps Coston may consider this before he bashes his next band. Quite frankly I find his writing as worthy as anything you may read in the Enquirer and I won’t use that paper to housebreak my dog. —Tammy Davis, [email protected], Inkster

Friend of Bambi

Thank you for publishing the column "Activist for the animals" (MT, July 11-17) by Jack Lessenberry. As a teenage animal rights activist, I completely agree that all humans must know the torture and humiliation our species puts ones we consider "below us" through. Being told that these animals had no purpose but die for us all my life, I hadn't realized that the Earth's creatures were really part of an ongoing Holocaust. It is so easy to help avoid animal suffering, especially in modern days. People need to realize that just a little effort, such as eating vegetarian and not wearing animal skins, goes such a long way. Thanks to Gary Yourofsky for standing up for today's most important cause. —Hannah Irwin, [email protected], Novi