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Doomsday declaration

Jack Lessenberry's recent column asks where Al Gore and Ralph Nader are now the President Bush is in charge and getting things done ("While the Democrats sleep," MT, May 23-29). Liberals use issues and causes to achieve and hold power. Many of them have very little interest in actually solving these issues and problems — they would much rather pontificate about them and blame Republicans for not doing anything to help. Once the opportunity to achieve more power dried up, so did Al Gore and Ralph Nader. In fact, the Democratic Party has become nothing more than a bunch of Chicken Littles screaming the sky is falling at every turn and trying to scare as many people as possible into voting for them — this includes Jack Lessenberry as he makes so many doomsday predictions in his column assuming Bush is allowed to continue unchecked.

I do have one more question for Jack Lessenberry: All the doomsday predictions he makes in his column: Are these the things he thinks are going to happen or those that he hopes will happen? —E. Abraham Grosse Pointe Farms

Who’s in charge here?

Jack Lessenberry has done it again with "While the Democrats sleep." He has expressed in the best possible terms what so many are wondering. Where's Al? Where's Ralph? Where are the leaders who will stand up for the environment and against a missile defense system? Who will speak against tax cuts that can only result in deficit spending? He is right that those of us who care about these issues need some strong, outspoken leadership, but instead are left wondering: Is anybody out there? Hello? —Ann Warner, [email protected], Ferndale

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