Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Obviously this is MB66!

KnutTerraforma (Hydra Head) :: Think their band name is obvious?

Towers Of LondonHow Rude She Was (TVT) :: England’s answer to the Faces had the Faces been a bunch of boozy Brits.

Sh*t FacesDrink It Again, Rod (Rummy Bros.) :: Shay, wait a minute…

Psychotic4Psychotic4 (Indica) :: These guys sound just like early Alice Cooper — minus the singer.

Billion Dollar BabiesBattle Axe (Polydor) :: So do these guys.

MetallicaCunning Stunts (Elektra) :: Think their DVD title is obvious?

The Strays"Life Support" (TVT) :: Simpering boy-angst schlock meets sampling bot tech rock.

The Lovely FeathersThe Lovely Feathers (Equator) :: What if Bowie’s Feathers had merged with Reed’s Velvet Underground and cut a side?

IslandsReturn To The Sea (Equator) :: What if Ayers’ Soft Machine had merged with Cale’s Velvet Underground and waxed some tracks?

Grand Funk Railroad"T.N.U.C." (Capitol) :: Think again.

SIZZLING BOX SET OF 2005: The StoogesHeavy Liquid (Easy Action) :: Look, I know it’s already 2006 but I hadda wade through six — count ’em — six discs stuffed to the gills with more Raw Power studio outtakes and rehearsals than you can shake a dick at. Not that there aren’t a few Stooge-style flubs along the way. Like the inexplicable inclusion of "Death Trip" pirated right off the commercial release. Or the incorrect crediting of Scott Thurston on piano instead of Bob Scheff; I guess Iggy yelling out "Alright Bobby!" and "Come on Bob!" before Scheff’s solos wasn’t enough of a hint. But who cares when you also get two books for your buck: one of Mick Rock’s iconic Iguerreotypes and another one cock-full of photo spews and interviews by CREEM ramrods Robert "MFIC" Matheu and Brian "Dunes" Bowe, respectively. Jeffrey Morgan is a freelance writer. Send comments to [email protected]

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