It’s been great, but good-bye

Sep 5, 2001 at 12:00 am

Well, folks, this is the last issue of Metro Times that will bear my name as editor. After four-and-a-half years at what I consider one of the best jobs in Detroit, I’ve decided I need to slow down, chill out and take stock of myself.

The reason I got into this business was because I loved writing. As it turns out, editors don’t get to write much, and I want to explore new possibilities in that area before I’m looking back and regretting not having tried.

I’ve been working at Metro Times on and off since 1985. Back then the paper was young; just getting people to take us seriously was the struggle. When I called up city officials and told them where I was calling from, the response was usually “Metro what?” That’s a huge contrast to a couple weeks ago, when the six leading mayoral candidates came in and sat with our editors for an hour and a half each to ask for our endorsement.

That says a lot about how things have changed over the years. Also, it was about the best time I ever had here. It’s not often that anybody gets to sit down and speak directly to even one candidate, let alone six. I get my kicks where I can.

There have been other good times. Celebrating the paper’s 20th anniversary last year was certainly one of them. Most of all, it’s been great working with a bunch of creative, dedicated people who try to bring you the best every week. I’m going to miss them. And I’m going to miss being a part of the conversation about the future of Detroit — the city I was born and raised in, and damn proud to be from.

My good friend and Metro Times managing editor W. Kim Heron will take over as interim editor. Kim’s a great guy and more than capable of putting out a great newspaper.

You’ll probably see my byline on a story here once in a while. And after I renew my energies, I hope to pop up again doing something in Detroit that makes a difference. Farewell for now. It’s been great working for you.

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