Here's the names of 140 people who applied to be an Oakley reservist

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Here's the names of 140 people who applied to be an Oakley reservist
Ryan Felton/MT

If you read this week's MT cover story on the small village of Oakley, a one-square-mile hamlet just west of Flint, and the myriad problems it has faced in recent years, this might be of interest: Below, you'll find the names of all applicants who applied to become an unpaid volunteer cop on the force of Oakley Police Chief Rob Reznick. In the chief's words, this is his "dream team" of helpers — businessmen, attorneys, professional athletes, and more. But the cadre of 110 reservists has been the focus of multiple lawsuits and issues in the town. (Note: it's unclear if all applicants became reservists.)

• Max Aidenbaum
• Michael Balloch
Norman Barbieri
Richard Beamish
Adam Becker
Kevin Bedker
Gregory Bockhart
Gregory Bockhart Jr.
Stuart Borman
James Bostick
David Boyle
Carl Bumgardner
Kenneth Bumgardner
Leon Bunch
Craig Champagna
Eric Coffman
Ray Cole
Matt Conway
Van Conway
Mark Creswell
Matt Cullen
Alfred Cytacki
Walter Cytacki
Vincent D'Angelo
Adli Dasugi
Gary Davis
Gregory Davis
Luciano DelSignore
Alberto DeSantis
Albert DePolo
Bradley Devon
Dennis Dobritt
Jay Dreifus
Linus Drogs
David Edelman
Wayne Elliott
Herschel Fink
Gordon Follmer
James Foxley
John Frank
Paul Forte
Jason Fox
Robert Fox
John Gagne
Mark Galli
Mark Garmo
Craig Gelfhi
Derek Gentile
Chris Girard
Bruce Goldman
Robert Goldman
Steven Grunwald
Jeffrey Hyman
Daniel Irvin
Scott Jackson
Steven Jalabra
Daryl Jamieson
Michael Jewell
Ray Jihad
Jacob Kahn
Norbert Kaminski
Robert Kato
Thomas Kato
Alon Kaufman
David Kent
George Kerver
Quinn Kiriluk
Bruce Knapp
Alicia Krall
Christopher Kouza
Marion Krall
Ronald Lehr
David Lieb
Donald Lyon
Scott Long
Conell Loveless
John Lykins
Michael Malik Jr.
Michael Malik Sr.
David Mardigian
Emilie Mardigian
Robert Mardigian
Alan Markovitz
Scott McFarland
Alex Meltser
Michael Mooradian
Todd Moss
Anthony Mourad
John Mullins
Dale Narsesian
Kirk Norman
Greg O'Connell
Larry Ostrander
Curtiss Pagels
John Peabody Jr.
John Peabody
John Piceu
William Pittas
Gary Porrett Jr.
Patrick Raye
John Rakolta III
Albert Rabil
Quintin Ramanavskas
Michael Refalo
David Reid
Jonathan Rose
Michael Rubin
Mohamed Salhani
Michael Santeufemia
William Saputo Jr.
Howard Schwartz
Leonard Schwartz
Stephen Schwartz
Steven Schwartz
Matthew Schulz
Jack Seman
Anthony Shammami
Evan Singer
David Smith
Adam Speck
Michael Sternfeld
Nicholas Stone
Steven Stone II
Steven Stone
Thomas Stroble
Theodore Sylwestrzak
Michael Torrice
Nicholas Trisch
Victor Ventimiglia
Russ Vergen
Reed Vergin
R. Thomas Vigliotti
Steven Vitale
Mark Waldecker
Howard Wolpin
William Weber Jr.
Jeremy Yagoda
Marvin Yagoda
David Younger
Dan Zaraga
The application documents are below: 

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