'Goin' to the Chapel and we're gonna get married ... WTF?

Apr 5, 2011 at 10:24 am
We’d likely have an advanced physical ideal of ourselves if walking became part of Motor City culture. But we live in a city where it’s pretty humiliating to stroll basically anywhere. Traffic rattles nerves of pedestrians and besides, the streets are designed for the comfort of your car, not you, and most folks would object to huffin’ the 8 blocks through a suburban neighborhood for a pack of smokes and a loaf of bread at the nearest party store. They’d likely prefer to slide their fleshy 200-pound frame into a 4,000-pound SUV for the 8-block drive to pick up a pound of goods. So who’d possibly be into walking 2,000 miles just to find a chapel? Joseph Crist and Laura Brunett would, that’s who. It’s true. Here Jason Carr at FOX 2 (and an occasional MT contributor) introduces us to Canton's Crist and Brunett, a couple of obviously knuckle-headed lovers who plan to foot-it all the way to the City of Sin to get hitched. That’s right: They’re going to shave their heads (for sanitary reasons), pack up their stove and solar charger and walk across this horrible continent to get married in Vegas. Turns out the engaged pair have known each other since middle school and their cross-country jaunt idea rose from a book Crist found in a library, or something. They plan to leave in mid-April from an autumn wedding. Watch the video:

Canton Couple Plans to Walk to Las Vegas for Their Wedding: MyFoxDETROIT.com