Gil’s new gig

Dec 12, 2001 at 12:00 am

At a recent send-off party for departing Detroit City Council members, News Hits asked outgoing council President Gil Hill for some details about the consulting business he plans to open once he hits the private sector. Instead of responding, Hill simply strolled to the other side of the room.

At the time, News Hits suspected Hill was merely being tight-lipped about his plans. Either that, or he just didn’t like us. Then we read in one of the dailies that he hasn’t yet figured out exactly what kind of consulting he intends to do.

Why are we not surprised? Just as he could not articulate a vision for the city when running for mayor, Hill is unable to articulate one for himself.

What he has done, however, is on occasion provide great fodder for this column over the years. So, to show our gratitude, News Hits thought we’d help the Gilster out by suggesting some ways he may draw upon his vast reservoir of experience in order to make a few bucks as a consultant:

1. Advise aspiring candidates on how to turn bit movie parts into political careers.

2. Provide helpful hints to elected officials on ways to coast once they’re in office.

3. Produce a guide on ways local politicos can cozy up to monied special interests such as pension-fund managers.

4. Offer guidance on how mayoral candidates can transform a huge early lead in public opinion polls into a resounding defeat on Election Day.

5. School politicos on ways to fine-tune that vision thing. (Gil, you might have to work on this one a bit longer before trying to actually make any money at it.)

Ann Mullen contributed to News Hits, which is edited by Curt Guyette. He can be reached at 313-202-8004 or [email protected]