DPS teacher, student suspended after brawl goes viral

Nov 19, 2015 at 10:31 am
By now you've surely seen the video that's circulating the Internet both locally and nationally of a Detroit Public School teacher and a seventh grade student getting into a physical altercation earlier this week. Now, both parties involved in the incident have been suspended, MLive reports.

The fight broke out on Monday after the teacher allegedly became upset that students were throwing paper during her class. "[7th grader Diamonique] Singleton said someone called the teacher the b-word. Diamonique laughed and the teacher thought she said it. 'That's when she got in front of me,' Singleton said. 'Saying I'm a 'b' and she started calling me 'b' and I said 'No I didn't even say that.' She was like, 'OK b you got me f'd up,'" Fox 2 reports.

DPS is calling the incident "unfortunate" and "disturbing" and has launched an investigation into the matter. For the time being, the teacher in question has been put on paid administrative leave and the student pulled from school. No word year on how long either leave will last. 

For those catching up, here's Fox 2's coverage of the event: