Detroit one of top 10 'rattiest' U.S. cities, according to study

click to enlarge Detroit one of top 10 'rattiest' U.S. cities, according to study
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While bigger U.S. cities like Chicago, L.A., and New York City still hold the crown for the rattiest cities, Detroit is not too far behind in this rat race.

A new study from pest control leader Orkin, Detroit is the seventh rattiest city in America, following cities like Chicago, L.A., New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Philadelphia. The rankings are based on the number of treatments performed by Orkin from Sept. 15, 2016-Sept. 15, 2017.

Orkin says that the fall season is the time when rats and other rodents like mice tend to burrow themselves into peoples homes for the chilly winter seasons. Orkin estimates that 21 million American household homes a year.

Orkin says the best way to combat rat infestation is to seal up any holes or cracks that are found in your home, store all food (including pet food) in containers that can't get broken into, and always clean up uneaten food or waste that could be in the kitchen.

Can we make our goal for 2018 to be out of the top 10, Detroit?

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