Detroit Bus Co. launches crowdfunding campaign for Youth Transit Alliance after-school busing program

Feb 24, 2015 at 7:03 am

On Monday, the story of Andy Didorosi's Detroit Bus Co. getting hijacked by "one big wank-fest for Comcast" very nearly eclipsed the fact that he also launched a crowdfunding campaign for his Youth Transit Alliance the very same day.

The YTA, as you may recall from our interview with Didorosi last year, puts the Detroit Bus Co.'s vehicles to work during the week, taking kids from Southwest Detroit to and from after-school programs that they otherwise would not have access to. (On the weekends, they're known for embarking on Detroit tours).

As of now, the YTA only has enough funding to last through March 31, and they are seeking an additional $90,000 to help fund the program. You can learn more or donate to the YTA during the monthlong campaign over at their Indiegogo page.

Below, watch a video explaining the YTA: