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One of the great things about the Internet is that a television program like the one from the incomparable Bill Moyers that aired on PBS last week isn't lost to the ether once it's shown. Now, instead of waiting around hoping it might be rerun, you can go to the Web and see it online.

And Moyers' surgical dissection of the press, and its complicity in helping President George Bush peddle our war on Iraq, is definitely worth watching. To whet your appetite, we offer Moyers' introduction to the documentary, which is titled "Buying the War":

"Four years ago this spring the Bush administration took leave of reality and plunged our country into a war so poorly planned it soon turned into a disaster. The story of how high officials misled the country has been told. But they couldn't have done it on their own; they needed a compliant press, to pass on their propaganda as news and cheer them on."

To catch the entire piece, go to You might be sickened, but you won't be sorry.

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