Best of Detroit 2006

Oct 18, 2006 at 12:00 am

We asked, and you responded online. We asked our staff and our contributors and our friends. What’s the Best Of Detroit? And even in a time of frightening layoffs and foreclosures, in a troubled region and a troubled world, we found things to celebrate. We found unsung heroes and civic projects that matter. We found art, music, fashion, food and places to share. And — it wouldn’t be the Metro Times otherwise, right? — we found some weird stuff, some kinky stuff, some offbeat places, some back-alley joints as well as brightly lit establishments on Main Street. There are things to laugh about here, and also things to mourn.

Welcome to our 20th Best Of Detroit. We’ve been at it longer than anyone else currently at it in town. Watch on as we tour metro Detroit in more than 400 vignettes. We’re glad to be back in the game. We hope you’re back with us too.

(And here’s a shout-out to one online voter in particular. We got this intriguing comment: “I’ve been at the Pole for a year so my choices are a little old and may not reflect the current scene. But I’ll be home soon.” When you get back to town, get in touch. We’ve got a copy of the Best Of issue waiting for you. It should help you get caught up.) —W. Kim Heron, Editor



Staff Picks:

  • Community chest
  • The glories of capitalism
  • Conspicuous consumption
  • Spend the night
  • Readers poll

    Metro meditations
    by Dennis Shea

    The big, red American illusion
    by Rebecca Mazzei

    Ain’t no party like a De-troit party store
    by Rebecca Mazzei

    What’s your favorite restaurant?
    by Mel Small

    A dream meal
    by Jane Slaughter

    Save me a stool at the Buzz
    by Johnny Loftus

    Jam ain’t just for toast
    by W. Kim Heron

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