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Beauty isn’t just skin-deep anymore, at least not according to Philosophy, an innovative cosmetics and skin care company that takes its creams and powders very seriously. Its high-end products are packaged simply and labeled with the philosophy behind each of them: A Philosophy moisturizer is called Hope in a Bottle; a cleanser is called A Great Awakening; an SPF 20 lotion is dubbed Shelter Me.

Philosophy also makes a set of aromatherapy bath oils that comes with a journal and 28 oracle cards. Their catalog includes shampoo, conditioner and a line of cosmetics highlighted by an impressive kit called The Coloring Book, which goes for $160 on their Web site and a little more at other retailers. For more beauty enlightenment, go to a Philosophy store near you or visit them on the Web.


Disney Interactive brings the latest game show craze to your home computer with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" software. The game puts home users in the center of the virtual action with Regis Philbin. Up to 10 players can share one keyboard and answer hundreds of questions. The software tracks players’ virtual winnings and features the original music from the TV game show. The software package costs about $20 and is available at most retailers.


In the midst of a toy craze, even the classics aren’t safe from invasion. Now, Pokémon stands to monopolize the toy shelves with its chubby, amorphous examples of alien cuteness. Besides trading cards, games, videos, stuffed toys and more, Pokémon pushes the man in the top hat off the board with Pokémon Monopoly. The game rules for this new breed are the same as the original, but the strategy has turned from hotels on the Boardwalk to collecting Pokémon gyms in order to become the best trainer. The game is covered in Pokémon images and includes six collectible movers. But you’ll have to pass Go and collect $200 to afford the $25 price tag.

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