12th Man Report: Suh-Mania

Sep 12, 2013 at 8:32 am
When it rains it pours. At least that’s what it seems like when Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh makes the news.

After his very controversial $100,000 fine from his hit in the Lions’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings — controversial whether you think it was the most offensive fine ever dished out in the history of the NFL, or just plain dirty — he made more news yesterday.

It came out that Suh had been investigated, but cleared, for an altercation in August with a Comcast employee at his Birmingham home where he allegedly threatened the said 22-year-old with a gun.

The latter story

well, it’s exactly as it sounds — ridiculously farfetched. Suh may be a lot of things on and off the football field, but even someone completely nuts wouldn’t believe these allegations against Suh, or that he was in the wrong for taking action when he thought someone was trespassing in his backyard. There’s a reason the Birmingham Police cleared him and no charges were filed.

But there are also some underlying issues here. Either Suh is the unluckiest man this side of the Mississippi, or he just has a knack for finding himself in certain questionable situations.  Situations on the football field — like stomping a downed players arm — or situations where you get caught going 91 MPH in a 55 — that happened in March of 2012 and wasn’t his first “issue” on the road.

But back to the on-the-field issues. Yeah, it seemed that this week's fine was a little exorbitant for the crime. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exactly make it easy on the NFL not to fine him, and he does have a knack for getting into trouble while being on a big stage.

But at the end of the day, what actually matters?

I know that I could care less about his driving ability — or lack thereof — and his apparent need for speed; well, that is as long as we’re driving on different sides of the road. I also could care less about pesky Comcast workers who creep on his property.  It’s the stuff on the field that really matters; it’s his job.

This blog isn’t in defense of Suh’s hit either — the guy takes too many stupid penalties. He also manages to find himself in the limelight far too often, even if it is as the Omaha Steak spokesman. At the end of the day, though, he is who he is. I don’t mind having the NFL’s “bad boy” on the Lions, and neither should anybody else as long as he’s producing.

Now if the stupid penalties and off-field antics start to outweigh his on-the-field production, well, we’ll cross that road when the time comes.