Wacky waffle restaurant The Social Misfits opens in Grand Rapids

Dec 29, 2021 at 9:36 am
click to enlarge The Yasuke waffle is stuffed with ramen noodles. - The Social Misfits/ Instagram
The Social Misfits/ Instagram
The Yasuke waffle is stuffed with ramen noodles.

Does a waffle stuffed with ramen noodles and topped with a boiled egg sound good to you? If that’s what floats your boat, you may be into The Social Misfits, an unconventional waffle joint that opened in Grand Rapids last week.

You'll find it on the ground floor of the Residence Inn by Marriott hotel in the city’s downtown area. The Social Misfits has a total stoner menu, including a waffle stuffed with macaroni and cheese and another topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and fish roe.

Then there’s “The Yasuke” waffle with ramen noodles, Japanese furikake seasoning, and gojuchang aioli. Who thought it was a good idea to mash ramen and waffles together? The owner of The Social Misfits, clearly. But why, though? Well, because why not?

(We'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that gojuchang is traditionally used in Korean cooking, not Japanese dishes like ramen.)

Anyway, the restaurant also has sweet waffles like the “Love Me Tender,” that’s topped with banana, peanut butter, salted caramel, and bacon if you want something just slightly more normal. Pair it with a cup of Great Lakes Coffee or craft cocktail from the bar.

The Social Misfits' decor also has a “trying extra hard to be weird” vibe with floral wallpaper, portraits of Pennywise the clown, and a neon sign that reads, “Please don't do coke in the bathroom.”

“We believe in the underdog. The little guy with the crazy idea, because this is where magic comes from,” the restaurant’s website reads. “And we believe in your @#!%ing right to eat waffles whenever you feel like it.”

The Social Misfits is located at 43 Fulton St. W., Grand Rapids; thesocialmisfits.com

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