TV Lounge: the 'Cheers' of techno

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TV Lounge: the 'Cheers' of techno
Photo by Eaton Blumenstein

If you've spent approximately two minutes exploring the Detroit techno or house music scenes, TV Lounge is on your radar. The bar is loved by locals who need their fix of sets by underground DJs as well as hip-hop artists. It's fondly referred to as "the Cheers of techno."

"It's like a big family here," says general manager Joshua Guerin. "There's no velvet rope situation. Everyone feels comfortable. Everyone knows your name."

Guerin has been working at the bar for over a decade, and as his knowledge of the techno music scene grew, so did his own DJ abilities. He also spins under the alias Mr. Joshooa.

TV Lounge partners heavily with Paxahua, the techno-loving company that puts on Movement, and they book about half of all the sets that take place inside the bar. Guerin and owner "Tree" Graves do the rest.

"We love working with Paxahau," Guerin says. "Since we started working with them, our production value has gone from good to world-class."

Because of their partnership, TV Lounge is a go-to spot for Movement after-parties. Soul Clap's House of EFUNK will be held at TV on Saturday, May 28 with artists like Biz Markie, Amp Fiddler, Soul Clap, Mike Dunn, DJ Kon, Overdubs, Maurice Fulton, and more.

They'll hold other events during Movement, and one that Guerin is particularly excited about is their Sunrise Session with the Black Madonna and Eddie C. The party starts at 7 a.m., so we suggest downing a pot of coffee or a couple Red Bulls, or you could just start drinking.

Speaking of drinking, TV is known for its long-standing cast of bartenders, and most patrons have a favorite.

"We don't have a house cocktail menu," says Guerin. "So if you order a margarita from one bartender, it will be totally different than if you order it from another."

The creative license has allowed TV Lounge the opportunity to create a "phenomenal arsenal of cocktails," Guerin says.

For now the bar is also playing host to a pop-up location of Tina Nelson's Le Petit Dejeuner. Guerin says the restaurateur was pushed out of the space she leased near Comerica Park and has set up shop at TV for now, but there are no plans to make it a permanent fixture. For now they offer breakfast and brunch Tuesday through Sunday. If you're hungry during the wee hours of the night, TV does offer a limited menu of snacks that will keep you going until you hit the Coney Island at 3 a.m.

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