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New Holland Brewing

Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout | 10% ABV | 31 IBUs

At the 2014 American Craft Spirits Association's Craft Spirits Judging Awards, Michigan's New Holland went home with a slew of awards. Their Knickerbocker Barrel Gin, Knickerbocker Gin, Zeppelin Bend Straight Malt Whiskey, and Bill's Michigan Wheat Whiskey all went home with gold medals. Their Cask & Smoke Wheat Whiskey took home a silver and Double Down Barley Malt Whiskey and Freshwater Michigan Amber Rum both left with bronze medals.

Suffice it to say, the folks behind New Holland Brewing and Artisanal Spirits are no slouches when it comes to make some of the best craft spirits in the country. But, they're also known for their absolutely amazing brews. In fact, that's how this company got its start. Just 19 short years ago Jason Spaulding and Brett Vander Kamp were lining up investors to get started on their goal to make beers that were unique to Western Michigan. Eleven years later they were making over 7,500 U.S. barrels a year.

In 2015, New Holland distributes all over the Midwest, in New England, North Dakota, the Carolinas, and even as far south as Kentucky. The company has grown thanks to its stellar lineup of well-made, well-received beers. Some of those names include Mad Hatter IPA, Monkey King farmhouse ale, and the Poet oatmeal stout.

Dragon's Milk, a year-round staple at the brewery, has long been a favorite of New Holland fans. First brewed in 2001, the stout uses two row, Munich, caramel, crystal, black, chocolate malt, and flaked barley grains along with glacier and nugget hops to achieve its roasted, malt character. It's also made with Michigan beet sugar and aged for more than 90 days in oak bourbon barrels that give it its signature flavor.

It pours a deep dark brown with a caramel-brown colored lacing. While it's a little thinner than other stouts, it makes up for it in its bourbon-flavored, vanilla-toned kick. Expect a smooth, clean finish.

Dragon's Milk pairs well with red meats, smoked foods, rich cheeses, and dark chocolate.


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