Boston-based meal delivery service WECO Hospitality partners with Detroit's Traffic Jam & Snug

Jan 12, 2021 at 4:54 pm
click to enlarge Boston-based meal delivery service WECO Hospitality partners with Detroit's Traffic Jam & Snug
Courtesy of WECO Hospitality

There's a new food pop-up in town.

The Boston-based WECO Hospitality, which likens its service to “a private chef and meal delivery service,” will bring their sustainable pick-up and delivery service to Detroit after servicing more than 30 cities countrywide since launching last year.

Starting Thursday, Jan. 14, metro Detroiters can get in on the action.

Formed by married couple Gavin Lambert and Rachel Amiralian, both of whom lost their restaurant industry jobs due to the pandemic in March, WECO Hospitality operates by offering two different daily meals — one that is fully-prepared, and another which requires no prep and can be made to fit vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-friendly diets. Both are available to order for those who subscribe to their weekly emails. They also offer kid-friendly meals.

Though there is no subscription plan, interested diners can either pick up their meal at partnering restaurant Detroit's Traffic Jam & Snug or can arrange for delivery. Each meal comes with reheating instructions, which are emailed to customers following their purchase.

Dinners are available Monday-Friday and each week's menu is released to subscribers on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. Those interested in snagging a dinner are encouraged to request a meal as they often sell out within hours, a press release states.

As for cost, it's all about the honor system. Each evening, WECO will shoot out an email that includes a breakdown of each meal's ingredient cost. The listed cost includes only the ingredients used to make the meal, not the labor or overhead, and usually ends up somewhere around $7-$12 per person. Guests are then encouraged to contribute additional funds if they so choose. WECO also allows you to eat first and pay. However, if someone is caught underpaying or stiffing WECO altogether, WECO will contact them to request payment or worse — they'll be added to the service's VID list, or Very Important Don't.

Detroit's first menu launch will be released to email subscribers on Thursday, Jan. 14. Interested guests can sign up at

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