Treat yourself to these metro Detroit self-care getaways

Winter Guide

Jan 16, 2019 at 1:00 am
Treat yourself to these metro Detroit self-care getaways

Float on

Motor City Float

1203 W. 14 Mile Rd., Clawson; 248-951-2634;; Float sessions start at $40, packages are $35-$1,560.

One of the latest trends for both pain and stress relief is flotation therapy, where you can dust off your bathing suit and float away from your daily bullshit. How does a float session with Motor City Float differ from, say, a trip to your bathtub? Well, each session offers the "floater" a private room (thank goodness) that is devoid of sound, sight, and sensation other than the room's "float pod" which is filled with Epsom Salt and body-temperature water. That's it. Sensory deprivation is said to aid in sleep, stress, and increased endorphin production, and quickens rehabilitation and recovery — not to mention, it's also just hella peaceful. No email notifications, no screaming kids, and, most importantly, no winter woes.

Sweat steams are made of these

The Schvitz

8295 Oakland St., Detroit; 313-724-8489;; $30 per visit.

In the past, the term "bath house" may elicit some R-rated (or even X-rated) imagery. But ever since Detroit's only historic bathhouse was taken under the wing of new management, the nearly 100-year-old Schvitz is embracing a different kind of steamy — and people are feeling the heat. The newly renovated historic landmark offers a selection of ancient and holistic healing therapies ranging from Himalayan salt saunas to platza — a Russian massage technique, in which one is politely smacked around with oak leaves, that exfoliates and promotes circulation and detoxification (all while making everything smell like a fresh forest). Other services include more traditional massages, scalp and hair treatments, and Ladies Brunch on Sundays, which offers a revolving selection of services like waxing, facials, manicures, and pedicures. The Schvitz also hosts art shows, sound baths, tarot readings, and the occasional dance party to stimulate all of your senses.

Let's get (meta) physical

Meta Physica Wellness Center

1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit; 313-303-7611;; Sauna sessions start at $20 per person, massages start at $70 for 60 minutes, acupuncture is $80 for 60 minutes.

Pick your antidote. Since opening last year, Meta Physica Wellness Center has quickly become an oasis in Corktown. Boasting a spectrum of holistic healing services as well as an organic juice bar, Meta Physica is the perfect way to beat the winter blues. The first step is to detox at Meta Physica's state of the art infrared sauna. Instead of hot rocks or steam (both of which can make things too damn hot!), the infrared saunas heat the body rather than the air to ensure a direct detox. Second, surrender yourself to the healing hands of one of their massage therapists (the Rain Drop massage is to live for). Lastly, consider regular acupuncture sessions to ensure pain and stress-free winter. Oh! And don't forget to give your insides a treat with those raw juice and those mega-healthy smoothies.

Ice, ice baby

CryoSpa Detroit

32828 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak; 248-591-4418;; Full body cryo sessions begin at $40, nomadic pulse sessions start at $25, and facial treatments are $45.

We've all heard the saying "fight fire with fire." But how about fighting ice with ice? You can beat winter at its own game with cryotherapy. OK, subjecting your body to -238 to -274-degrees Fahrenheit may seem counterintuitive because, yes, even the thought of a cold shower is the thing of nightmares. But if you can last up to 3 minutes in a cryo chamber (your head sticks out, don't worry) and can stand the hyper-cooled air created by liquid nitrogen, you could be on the fast track to some space-age wellness. Naturally, cryotherapy makes it so that your heart pumps more blood throughout your body, which in turn forces toxins out, enriching your blood. Endorphins are released, collagen is produced, and often you can burn up to 800 calories due to an increase in metabolic rate. The result? Pain relief, rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory benefits, and a new way to kick winter's ass. Not looking for a full body freezer burn? Localized anti-aging treatments are also available, as well as treatments for chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

Coming up roses

Detroit Rose; Skincare starts at $30, candles are $32.

No need to brave the elements to treat yourself to a spa day. You can do it yourself with a click and a credit card at the Detroit-based online skincare studio Detroit Rose. The all-organic line of minimalist skincare is free of preservatives, parabens, and other nasty stuff that has no right being involved in your self-care routine. Bestsellers include Aphrodite Face Oil, Moon Mist, and Coco Pomelo Skin Polish. Don't forget to show some love to your skin below your chin with the brand's hyper-moisturizing Maracuja Glow Body Oil. (Grapefruit, vanilla, and bergamot, anyone?) Also, you can snag one of their signature soy-votives in scents like Cinnamon Chai, Campfire, or Fig Tree to elevate the luxury factor of your home spa.

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