25 Reasons to stay in Detroit after graduation

In case you were having doubts

1 | No need to continue living crammed in a tiny dorm room — there's plenty of room in Detroit.

2 | In New York, you're just another kid with big dreams.

3 | Detroit has a legacy of creativity. Entire genres of art and music have been birthed here. There might be something in the water.

4 | Detroit has a great, accessible underground art scene. You can even make your own damn gallery if you are so inclined.

5 | Detroit has the space to create your own opportunity.

6 | Detroit's a small town in a big city. It's easier to network here than, arguably, any other metropolis in the country.

7 | Looking to start your own business? Detroit is rich with beautiful, historic spaces for retail, business incubators like Grow Detroit, and programs like Hatch that award small companies with big dough to help them grow.

8 | Detroit is inspiring.

9 | Unlike other big cities, bicyclists have plenty of room to get around town, plus we're adding more bike lanes seemingly every day. 

10 | Re: The Cycling Scene: meet new people (and possible business connections) while getting some serious exercise at biking meet-ups like Slow Roll and Critical Mass.

11 | The Detroit Institute of the Arts, Detroit Public Library, and Detroit Film Theatre are great resources for kids in college, but think about bringing your future children here and instilling them with the world-class culture this city has to offer.

12 | Detroit is affordable.

13 | Between Dan Gilbert and the Ilitch empire, you're sure to get some kind of corporate gig — if that's what you're looking for.

14 | Interested in farming? There are tons of open fields to make it happen.

15 | Fuck Chicago. 

16 | Faygo! Who needs to decide between Coke or Pepsi products when

you have a stellar third-party brand that equally matches the big names?

17 | Where else can you get a coney for breakfast?

18 | Once Jay Leno told us he loved Detroit because we don't tear down buildings every few years like in New York. As a result the city has a wealth of historical structures to live, work, and play in.

19 | Detroit needs your good energy.

20 | Detroit doesn't give up its secrets easily, but when you find its gems, you feel like you've unlocked a treasure that's all yours.

21 | Detroit doesn't have all the "filler people" you'd find in Houston or Chicago. Your fellow Detroiters are there because they feel strongly about their city.

22 | Detroiters are all used to making their own fun instead of waiting for big backers to put on events for them.

23 | In Detroit, it's easy for a musician to be in three bands.

24 | You're getting in on the ground floor of the rebirth of a city America gave up on.

25 | You can do anything in Detroit. mt

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