Up your bum, in your mouth, over your shoulder and around the corner? Yup, and it’s not just porn stars, either. Real people, just like you, are having lots of great sex, and instead of asking Isadora (turn to the back pages of this paper right now, or better yet, roll it up and spank yourself with it if you don’t know which Isadora), they’re telling her all about it.

And ask Isadora how to write a book, and the no-holds-barred, syndicated sex columnist might just tell you, hey, you write it yourself (Or at least those of you who chose the spanking option, that is).

In other words, Doing It is a collection of anonymous writings by both “Ask Isadora” readers and visitors to Alman’s popular Web site, (askisadora.com). If you’ve ever shared your penchant for shaved body parts, described your self-fellatio techniques or confessed your status as a size queen in either of these semi-public forums, you might just find your words reproduced in this hot pink book. Anonymously, of course (Alman even keeps the writers’ genders a secret, so you can play guessing games or just figure out for yourself that sex is, indeed, universal) and also tidily organized and intelligently introduced by Alman, who adds her own insights and brief explanations at the beginning of each section.

Even if you haven’t shared your sexual exploits with Isadora, you might find in this book some intriguing ideas for future sharing with partners, lovers or strangers in the night. Alman’s attitude is that sex is good and talking about it makes it even better. And reading about it? Don’t be shy. You’ve been doing it for this whole review and, trust me, the book’s much more fun.

Alisa Gordaneer is MT features editor. E-mail her at [email protected].

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