Yellow Door Art Market brings year-round art fair to Berkley

Feb 25, 2015 at 1:00 am

Berkley is kind of like Ferndale and Royal Oak's kid sister. It's a super cute city, but downtown is a little more scant, and sometimes you have to actively think of a reason to visit.

Thankfully, there are places like Yellow Door Art Market. The year-round indoor art fair hosts more than 50 local vendors, makers, and artists. It's like Etsy opened up a brick and mortar storefront and all your favorite crafters have their goods placed upon its shelves.

It's kind of like Rust Belt Market but less gritty, and you're more likely to fall in love with something that's actually made for a kid's room.

Vendors are separated into stalls, and you'll find more than the usual suspects that seem to show up at every street fair and pop-up market. Yes, the stuff tends to be a little more granola, but everything is also clearly handmade with thought, intention, and love.

Shoppers will find lots of jewelry (including some more obvious "vintage" stuff like pieces made from typewriter keys and old machine parts) but there are also nicely made lines that don't appear overly handmade, if that's not your thing. Some vendors hawk locally made or printed clothing, others like [Terra]cotta Paste make lip balms, hand salves (magic ones that really work), detox masks, neck oil, and other natural products. There are lots of ceramics, a few things for guys, greeting cards, wall art, and repurposed vintage items.

Generally speaking, the artists aren't there manning the stalls, which makes this place sort of like a consignment where you can ring all your purchases up together at the counter, which is convenient.

If you like meeting those who make the goods you're purchasing, Yellow Door Art Market has a special fair coming up on March 21 and 22 when you'll get to meet the makers and you'll save 15 percent on everything you buy.

Oh, and yes, there really is a yellow door.