Twiztid's top five most slept on horror movies just in time for your own fright fest

Oct 29, 2018 at 10:25 am
Twiztid's top five most slept on horror movies just in time for your own fright fest
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We have taken some time out of our Halloween festivities to compile a tidy, yet memorable, list of some of the most slept on Horror movies throughout cinema history, for our pals over at Metro Times and every one of their dedicated readers. There will only be five entries in our list because we feel that's a fair amount of new material for your minds to have to take in, assuming some of, or all of these titles are not familiar to you at all.

#5 The Unnamable (1988)
An absolute gem about a monster that has a terrifying scream that used to haunt us to our core as kids. See it if you dare!

#4 Dead End (2003)
Most people have never heard of this one.
I believe it executed well despite its obvious "straight to DVD" budget. I still have it in the library and view it at least once every Halloween.
#3 The Changeling (1980)
If you're anything like us, a good ghost story is always a win-win situation, and when you add veteran actor George C. Scott to that mix it just gets all the better.
#2 Pumpkinhead (1988)
This movie holds up to the test of time, and in some sense is still as relevant today as any Texas Chainsaw, or Wrong Turn offering. Hollywood, if you're reading this, this franchise could use some 2019 remake love!
#1 Hell Night (1981)
When people speak of Linda Blair movies, Exorcist is always the first if not the only title that is ever brought up. Fun Fact: Linda Blair stars in Hell Night, and I'm almost positive you've never seen it. Garth Manor is waiting for you!
Well, that's it until next time!

Happy Halloween and hope you enjoyed our list.

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