The Detroit Zoo expanded its otter exhibit by three times and we love them for it

Jul 21, 2017 at 12:34 pm
click to enlarge The most adorable little otter you ever did see. - Shutterstock
The most adorable little otter you ever did see.

The Detroit Zoo has been long at work to expand the exhibit for one of the most underrated zoo animals there is — the ever-adorable yes still badass otter.

While the otters at the zoo had a pretty dope setup to begin with, this new exhibit features an outdoor palace that includes a sandy beach, a flowing stream, and they already existing waterslide and waterfall. The former exhibit was 680 square feet and the new exhibit is now 2,500 square feet.

Now the otters may not be the most thrilling animal to watch at the zoo, they are hand down the cutest ones to watch. They just swim so gracefully in the water, have those cute little paws, and do cute things like interact with humans like this video below.

So thank you Detroit Zoo for giving the people what they want — a cuteness overload straight to the heart.