Rockin' the shutter

MT's main music photog looks back

I still remember the day in the late '90s when I walked in to say hello to (then-music editor) Chris Handyside at Metro Times. Music writer Greg Baise had introduced us. I was a big fan of Metro Times' then-staff photographer Bruce Giffin, so I doubted they needed any photo help. I had been shooting a lot of bands after punching out at my record store job, though, so I just wanted to let him know I would be thrilled to contribute. As fate would have it, I walked in the day Bruce had quit, and then-arts editor George Tysh offered me a bunch of assignments for the upcoming summer guide. The rest is history, as they say. One story, band, writer or friend led me to another great musician, and the entire amazing music community of Detroit slowly unfolded before me. It seemed there wasn't a genre of music this city didn't do in style. All I was trying to do then was document and pay tribute to one of the most inspiring, diverse music scenes in the world. It's still the same today. Detroit never lets up.


Danny Brown: I remember Danny smoked blunts for a couple of hours during the Metro Times cover shoot, rocking Lil B the entire time. I definitely had a contact buzz at the end of the shoot. Fast forward one year: Danny is on the cover of The Fader, Lil B is on the cover of The Wire.


Eminem at a rave 1999: From shortly before The Slim Shady LP came out. Hell’s Angels were doing security (apparently nobody running the show had ever seen Gimme Shelter). This was the closest I ever came to experiencing Beatlemania. I was getting smashed against the stage by women just trying to touch him (lots of photos of sweet manicures reaching in front of the camera). Exiting to avoid getting crushed, I was inadvertently knocked off the stage leaving me with a scar I have to this day. It was totally worth it.